Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay
Courtesy: Social Security Administration

Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay is Social Security’s public affairs specialist in Hawai‘i.

Social Security has been a cornerstone of financial security for over 80 years. As you may already know, a lifetime of measured discipline can ensure a comfortable retirement. Social Security can help you plan, save and see plenty of green in your golden years.

Social Security is part of the retirement plan of almost every American worker. If you’re among the 96 percent of workers in the United States covered under Social Security, it is helpful to know the benefits that you are entitled to receive. Social Security bases your benefit payment on how much you earned during your working career. Higher lifetime earnings result in higher benefits. If there were some years that you didn’t work or had low earnings, your benefit amount may be lower than if you had worked steadily. How do you know what your retirement benefits might be so you can plan? Create a safe and secure my Social Security account to view estimates of your future retirement, disability and survivors benefits. Visit www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount and create your account today.

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