Ryan Tatsumoto
Hawai‘i Herald Columnist

In 15 days, the third and last of the Grand Tours will commence in Ourense, Spain, kicking off the La Vuelta 2016, or the “Tour of Spain.” These three-week-long cycling team competitions never cease to amaze me — and that’s despite the “downfallen” one who had seven yellow jerseys removed from France’s record books. Pharmaceutically enhanced or not, that still means riding a bicycle roughly 100 miles per day for three straight weeks over mountainous passes that make the Pali and H-3 seem relatively flat. Other than this annual feat of endurance, the other thing about Spain that amazes me is its food. Of course!

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Natto Gazpacho. (Photos courtesy Ryan Tatsumoto)
Natto Gazpacho. (Photos courtesy Ryan Tatsumoto)
Tortilla Espanola.
Tortilla Espanola.

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