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Today’s Thought: Your Past Blunder

YOUR PAST BLUNDER It is futile to torment yourself by brooding over past blunders. Too much self-reproach for things you cannot undo renders you unfit to do your best with what is left of life....

Today’s Thought: Sushin

SUSHIN Shitte iru furi wo Suru yori mo Shiranai koto ni Shite ita hou ga Umaku ikimasu Don’t pretend you know it. It’s better to admit your ignorance.   Photo by JasonDGreat

Today’s Thought: A Father Speaks

A FATHER SPEAKS As a father tucked his child in bed, he reproached himself:  "At breakfast I found fault.  You spilled things, gulped down your food, spread butter too thick on your bread.  I scolded...

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