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8·0·8 By Dennis Fujitake

Dad’s Three Cats

Dad's Three Cats by Gwen Muranaka  


Takai yama wa yukkuri nobore. Climb a high mountain slowly. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii
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Bulletin Board – “AN AMERICAN DREAM”

WHO/WHAT: The Hawaii Opera Theatre presents “An American Dream,” a provocative drama set during World War II, exploring the lives of two women: a Japanese American forced to leave her home and a German...
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Bulletin Board – PRIDE RUN/WALK 5K

WHO/WHAT: Join the Honolulu FrontRunners/FrontWalkers for its annual Honolulu Pride Run/Walk 5k at Ala Moana Beach Park. The course begins at Magic Island and circles the entire park. The event is a active and...
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Bulletin Board – HIFF: “REMOVED BY FORCE”

WHO/WHAT: The Honolulu Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League presents a showing of “Removed by Force: The Eviction of Hawai‘i’s Japanese During WWII” in partnership with the Hawai‘i International Film Festival. The one-hour...
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Mind-Body Wellness – THE BLAME GAME

Dr. Chad Sato Hawai‘i Herald Columnist I find it rather difficult to find the silver lining of the burning and destruction of Lähainä town in Maui. What’s even more unfortunate and sad to see, is the...
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Mind-Body Wellness – BE PREPARED

Dr. Chad Sato Hawai‘i Herald Columnist We are entering hurricane season once again and if Hurricane Calvin kept its intensity and decided to wreak havoc on the islands, how many of you were prepared? Fortunately for...
Seiki Oshiro holds a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal, which was bestowed on members of the Military Intelligence Service, the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team at the White House on Nov. 2, 2011. (Photo by Alex Kormann)


Mahalo to the “Military Intelligence Service Language School Registry” Project Drusilla Tanaka Special to The Hawai‘i Herald My high school yearbook is a well-worn treasure. After leafing through it all these years, the binding along its spine...
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CELEBRATING THE 80TH MIS ANNIVERSARY The MIS (Military Intelligence Service) Veterans Hawai‘i will hold their 80th Anniversary luncheon on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 10 a.m. at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i, (2454 S. Beretania...

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