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Photo of Joyce Tsunoda

Legacy of the Sansei – Giving Back by Paying Forward

Joyce Sachiko Tsunoda, Ph.D. Special to The Hawai‘i Herald I am a sansei by age and generation on my mother’s side of the family. However, I think I am more of a Sengo Issei — a post-World...
Photo of filmmaker Steven Okazaki

Legacy of the Sansei – Living on Sansei Time

Steven Okazaki Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Growing up Sansei wasn’t easy. One summer in 1962, when I was 10, I accompanied my Uncle Yuke and cousin Gary to the neighborhood Japanese American barbershop. I watched with amusement as the barber, Mr. Baba, sheared off my cousin’s hair down to a half-inch, except for an....
Photo of Clyde Sakamoto

Legacy of the Sansei – Exploring a Possible Legacy of Sansei in Hawai‘i

Clyde Sakamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Legacies are clearest looking back. As Sansei, plainly seeing our generational outcome is probably beyond our reach. From my family, personal, work and community experiences, my “Sansei Legacy guess-timation”...
Photo of Tom Ikeda's grandparents receiving an American flag during a memorial service for their eldest son, Bako.

Legacy of the Sansei – Our Stories, Our Strength

Tom Ikeda Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: The Herald recently decided to expand its “Legacy of the Sansei” series to include essays by Sansei living on the continental United States. Brian Niiya, who was a contributor to the series last year, introduced series coordinator Gail Honda to many insightful and influential Mainland Sansei....
Photo of Christine R. Yano

Legacy of The Sansei – Being Sansei

Christine R. Yano Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Sansei live in a strange and unique position. We form the last of the generations of Japanese Americans with direct knowledge of Japan in the form of grandparents. That tie, for many, is both very real and very tenuous. Because most of us did not grow up....
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“What is the Legacy of the Sansei?”

Gail Honda Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Last year, I approached Hawai‘i Herald editor Karleen Chinen about writing an article that asked the question: “What is the legacy of the Sansei?” I was motivated to ask this question because I had observed, with growing concern, that Japanese Americans had all but vanished from national conversations....

A Time For Re-Engagement

Tyler Tokioka Special to The Hawai‘i Herald If the goal of all immigrants is to become an equal in their new country, then we of Ja-panese ancestry in Hawai‘i have achieved this goal in three generations...
The Yogi family. Stan Yogi’s father, John Yogi (back row, far right), in camp at Jerome, Ark., with his parents, uncles and aunt. (Photos courtesy Stan Yogi)

Legacy of the Sansei – Paying Forward Our Legacies

Stan Yogi Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Camp. That one-syllable Pandora’s box stuffed with the tangled legacies of our families’ World War II incarceration is, whether we like it or not, an inheritance that connects almost all Mainland Sansei. It’s a deeper tie than sweating together in Nikkei basketball leagues, or savoring smoky teriyaki chicken....
Photo of Gail Honda

Legacy of the Sansei – The Sansei in Hawai‘i: Wrapping Up One Year Later

Gail Honda Special to The Hawai‘i Herald One year ago, in The Hawai‘i Herald’s 2016 New Year’s edition, I posed the question, “What is the Legacy of the Sansei?” Herald Editor Karleen Chinen suggested that we turn this question into a yearlong series, and she and I came up with a list of Sansei whose....
Photo of Glenn K. Miyataki, Ph.D.

Legacy of The Sansei – The Sansei in Hawai‘i: A Blended Culture of Aloha

Glenn K. Miyataki, Ph.D. Special to The Hawai‘i Herald While the legacy of the Sansei is still being written in many countries, I accepted an invitation to write this essay because of the unique circumstances that distinguish Sansei in Hawai‘i from Sansei in the continental United States and other countries. What is it about being....

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