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Legacy Of The Sansei

Photo of Lynne Kobashigawa Waihee

Legacy of the Sansei – We Are Sansei

Lynne Kobashigawa Waihee Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Although a grandchild of Issei grandparents, I do not consider myself a “true” Sansei, since both my parents, Toshio Kobashigawa and Matsue (Ikehara) Kobashigawa, were Kibei-Nisei (American-born Japanese/Okinawans...
Photo of Joyce Tsunoda

Legacy of the Sansei – Giving Back by Paying Forward

Joyce Sachiko Tsunoda, Ph.D. Special to The Hawai‘i Herald I am a sansei by age and generation on my mother’s side of the family. However, I think I am more of a Sengo Issei — a post-World...

Legacy In Our Families And Communities

Carl Takamura Special to The Hawai‘i Herald As someone whose Sansei “credentials” include being a graduate of McKinley High School, which, back then, was widely known as “Tokyo High” due to the demographics of its enrollment,...

On Finding Myself As A Sansei

Ken Saiki Special to The Hawai‘i Herald My nisei mother wanted to make sure her four children — all born before or during World War II — would be thoroughly Americanized and not face the same...

Living The Dream, Ignoring History

Mark Matsunaga Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Sansei have carved a comfortable place in Hawai‘i and America. Maybe too comfortable. Individual Sansei have done very well, earning national stature that transcends ethnicity. Think Ellison Onizuka, Eric Shinseki,...

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