Lead Story – Recalling Iolani Palace’s Return to Glory

Fifty years ago, all of Hawai‘i state government’s elected big shots — from then-Gov. John Burns and his lieutenant governor, Tom Gill, to state senators and representatives — closed their ‘Iolani Palace offices and walked across what was then Hotel Street to America’s newest state capitol building. As they walked into Hawai‘i’s political and governmental....

Aiko Nakaya-Sensei’s Love Of Dance

Shin Issei Shares Her Gift with Kaua‘i Community

Four Generations Of Dodo Mortuary

Arnold T. Hiura Special to The Hawai‘i Herald What residents of Hawai‘i Island take for granted is often a rarity when viewed on a broader scale. At least such is the case when it comes to...
“. . . [W]ith the encouragement of the local Okinawans who came to the camps, it was their saving grace,” said HUOA executive director Jane Serikaku. (Photo by Gregg Kakesako)

Lead Story – Finding Closure and Peace

Hawai‘i Uchinanchu Will Help Two World War II Prisoners of War from Okinawa Find Peace Gregg K. Kakesako Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Hawai‘i Uchinanchu (people of Okinawa ancestry) have always demonstrated their “brotherly love” in many ways, says Clara Goto . . . even by befriending prisoners of war from Okinawa who were incarcerated....

Carrying On At Pukalani Superette

Sansei Nakashima Brothers are Leading Their Family Store Into Its Sixth Decade of Business
“The subject matter of people in their every day activities intrigues me because most of the scenes I paint happen in an instant. Sometimes it is so fast that we miss it or we don’t remember it,” says Kirk Kurokawa of his works., as shown above and below.

Lead Story – Capturing Slices of Maui Life

Artist Kirk Kurokawa is Living His Dream Melissa Tanji Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Kirk Kurokawa was in the first or second grade when knew he wanted to be an artist. “As long as I can remember, I have always liked art,” said the 44-year-old award-winning painter. Like many youngsters, the Wailuku resident was fond....
Group photo of (from left) Bishop Eric Matsumoto (Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii), Bishop Gensho Hara (Jodo Mission of Hawaii), newly installed Bishop Clark Watanabe and Bishop Kenjun Kawawata (Higashi Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii)

Lead Story – Journey of the Honomu-based Shingon Bishop

Unlocking the Secrets of Esoteric Buddhism Margaret Shiba Special to The Hawai‘i Herald On Feb. 25, the Rev. Clark Watanabe was installed as the 13th bishop of the statewide Köyasan Shingon Mission of Hawaii in a ceremony at Honomu Henjöji Mission on Hawai‘i island. The unlikely path that led the local boy to this milestone....

Introducing… Governor David Ige

Governor David Y. Ige Published with Permission Editor’s note: Less than a month after they swept to victory in Hawai‘i’s general election, former state Senate colleagues David Ige and Shan Tsutsui each raised their right hand...
Photo of former Hawaii Governor, George Ariyoshi

Lead Story – Former Gov. George Ariyoshi Sounds Off

Hawai‘i’s Senior Statesman Opines on the State of the State Richard Borreca Special to The Hawai‘i Herald George R. Ariyoshi, who will turn 92 next month, has served as one of the state’s Democratic leaders for so long that he is one of the signposts for politics and government in Hawai‘i. Unless the state Constitution....
“We must rethink how we defend ourselves from the increasingly sophisticated and capable enemy cyber advances.” — Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone in a July 2016 panel hosted by the Association of the United States Army.

Lead Story – Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone Nominated For Fourth Star

Gregg K. Kakesako Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Lt. Gen. Paul M. Nakasone, whose paternal grandmother immigrated to Hawai‘i as a picture bride and whose father witnessed the start of America’s war with Japan from the kitchen window of his family’s Wahiawä home and went on to serve in the predominantly Nisei Military Intelligence Service....

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