Photo of Toshiro Mifune on a movie set

Cover Story – “Mifune: The Last Samurai”

  Filmmaker Steven Okazaki's New Film Highlights the Life and Work of the Masterful Toshiro Mifune Alan Suemori Special to The Hawai‘i Herald In 1950, Toshiro Mifune exploded upon the world stage, delivering an epic performance in Japanese film...

The Great 2014 David Vs. Goliath Match-Up

By Michael Markrich and Karleen Chinen Tall and thin with a head of thick, white hair, 88-year-old former Gov. George Ariyoshi bounds to the stage at the opening of state Sen. David Ige’s gubernatorial campaign headquarters....

A Pilgrimage Honoring the 100th Infantry Battalion

Janice Sakoda Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Mid-May of 1944 was a pivotal period in the history of the 100th Infantry Battalion, highlighted by the Allied effort to wrest the 1,700-foot high Benedictine monastery called Monte...
Group photo of Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone with his parents in 2016.

Lead Story – Preventing “A Cyber Pearl Harbor”

Gregg K. Kakesako Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Gregg Kakesako worked for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Gannett News Service and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser for more than four decades as a government, political and military affairs reporter and assistant city editor. In her working days, Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone’s grandmother cooked and cleaned as a live-in maid....
Photo of issue's cover photo, "Pearl Harbor, From War To Peace"

Lead Story – Fighting Two Wars

Japanese Americans Were Forced to Fight Two Battles in World War II Karleen C. Chinen On this 75th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, many people are seeking out the newspapers of December 1941 for...

“Stan” Izumigawa Lived Life “All In”

As a 100th Infantry Battalion soldier and a participant in Nisei veterans activities on Maui, Stanley Izumigawa was not an “original.” He was a replacement for the 100th — part of the group that arrived...

Shintö Shrine Visits – A New Year’s Tradition

Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald As the new year dawned on 2015, throngs of visitors to Shintö shrines in Japan and Hawai‘i sought blessings and good fortune for themselves and their loved ones. The...

Lorraine Tokuyama: “92 And Still Kicking!”

The Master Sashiko Teacher and TEMARI Treasure is Also a Lifelong Learner
Bernard Akamine with his wife Jeanette (left), daughter Drusilla Tanaka and son-in-law Stanley Tanaka in September 2011 at the last memorial service he attended honoring AJA veterans. He died the following April. (Photo by Wayne Iha)

Lead Story – The Silent Teachers

Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald When World War II veteran Bernard S. Akamine died of pancreatic cancer on April 2, 2012, at the age of 89, there was no question what he wanted to happen to his body. For years prior to his death, Akamine, a 100th Infantry Battalion, Company B veteran, had....

Carrying On At Pukalani Superette

Sansei Nakashima Brothers are Leading Their Family Store Into Its Sixth Decade of Business

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