AJA fishing club breaking down racial barriers

If you live in the Seattle area, like to fish and have an appreciation for trash talking, you might want to check out the Tengu Club of Seattle. The club - named after the Japanese...

Remembering a pioneer Japanese American journalist

You may not be familiar with the name, but for many Japanese American journalists in America - myself included - Bill Hosokawa was a pioneer. Born in Seattle in 1915, Hosokawa continually defied widespread prejudice...

Oregon AJA shows students the sounds of Hawai`i

Here's a neat story by the Register-Guard's Mark Brown about a Japanese American musician - 52-year-old Los Angeles transplant Maggie Matoba - who is bringing a little bit of Hawai`i to one lucky Oregon...

Ehren Watada in the news again

If you support his cause, you might want to check out the commentary he wrote in the Pacific Citizen by clicking here. If you don't, by all means, forget this post ever happened.

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