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“My Only One,” Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m.; re-airs on Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m. Do-Ran Kim has a bright and positive personality, even though she is in a financially difficult situation. She studies for an exam to become a public officer. One day, her biological father, Soo-Il Kang, appears in front of....
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Health Information – Two Bananas a Day May Help Prevent Cancer (Part 2)

The highlight of this research is the possibility of preventing cancer by eating bananas. “BRM can be introduced into our bodies simply by eating bananas. We can gain the benefits of its cancer-inhibiting effects....
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Remembrance – “Go to Home”

Marie Hara From “Bananaheart and Other Short Stories” Published with Permission My mother enjoys telling my young daughters scary stories about the plantation days. The girls always ask to hear about the Coffin Lady. Mama sits down by the kitchen table, her face busy thinking. Her childhood and O-Baban, her own mother, are ready to....
Book cover titled 'Raced to Death in 1920's Hawaii' by Jonathan Y. Okamura

Book Review – “Raced to Death”, Analyzing the Myles Fukunaga Case

Franklin Ng Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Many people like to read murder mysteries. But, as Professor Jonathan Okamura of the University of Hawai‘i’s Ethnic Studies Department notes, a murder can reveal much about race relations in the Islands before World War II. In his newly published book from the University of Illinois Press, “Raced....
Book Cover titled 'Modern Japanese Short Stories An Anthology of 25 Stories by Japan's Leading Writers' by Ivan Morris

Book Reviews – “Modern Japanese Short Stories”

Alan Suemori Special to The Hawai‘i Herald In 1962, Charles Tuttle of Tökyö published a remarkable anthology of Japanese short fiction that quickly became a much-beloved classic around the world. Edited by Ivan Morris of Columbia University, “Modern Japanese Short Stories” spotlighted 25 20th-century authors whose writing had blossomed between 1910 and 1954. Morris had....
UM-Flint Wyatt Exploration Program students gather for a group photo with the Hanaui Weaving Museum staff members, who helped them weave their keepsake Yuntanza hanaui coasters. Program leader Dr. Roy Hanashiro is pictured standing, far right, and museum director Setsuko Ikehara is pictured kneeling, third from left.

My Hawaii – University of Michigan-Flint Students Explore Okinawa

Colin Sewake Hawai‘i Herald Columnist In March of last year, I was pleasantly surprised to receive some correspondence from Dr. Roy Hanashiro, a professor of East Asia and Japan history at the University of Michigan-Flint. Dr. Hanashiro, who was born, raised and educated in Hawai‘i, said he subscribes to The Hawai‘i Herald and has been....
Photo of Craig Gima, Columnist for Real Possiblities

Real Possibilities – Gearing up for Census 2020

Photo of Ethan R. Okura

Estate Planning Insights – Non-Resident Alien Gift and Estate Tax

Ethan R. Okura Hawai‘i Herald Columnist This is the third column in my series on international estate planning. I started with the basics of international estate planning in July. Then, last month, I discussed some of the gift and estate tax issues associated with transferring assets to a non-citizen spouse. In this column, I’ll cover....
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Generation Gap

GENERATION GAP by Jon J. Murakami
Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8•0•8 By Dennis Fujitake

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