Personal Emergency Response System

SIDEBAR by Kevin Kawamoto
Photo of Frances Kakugawa

Dignifying Our Elders’ Lives With Compassion

DEAR FRANCES by Frances H. Kakugawa
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – The Serialized Novel

HISTORICAL FICTION by Michael G. Malaghan

Lessons From World War I

ECON2014 by Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Generation Gap

By Jon J. Murakami


By Dennis Fujitake


Tanin no ayamachi wa yurushitemo Jibun no ayamachi ha yurusuna Jibun no kurushimi ni wa taetemo Tanin no kurushimi wa Houtte okuna Forgive the faults of others; however, do not forgive your own. Endure your own pains; however, do...
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Today’s Thought

by Rev. Paul S. Osumi | Reprinted with permission| Bennett Cerf, a famous publisher-author-lecturer, exhorted a Honolulu audience: “Be happy. Go around with a grin and expect to have a good time and you’ll have one....

One-Man Kabuki Storyteller In Concert

WHO/WHAT: Kunitoshi Kineya, a one-of-a-kind Nagauta shamisen player, will perform in Honolulu as part of his U.S. tour. Nagauta, which literally means “long song” in Japanese, is a classical style of Japanese music which...

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