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Generation Gap

Photo of Janet Sato

Legacy of the Sansei – A Matter of Honor

Janet Sato Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Our contributions as Sansei — local kids on Maui from humble beginnings, carving our way through the ’60s and beyond — were cultivated through expectations of effort, perseverance and...
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Shushin by Bishop Ryokan Ara, Tendai Mission of Hawaii
Columnist Ryan Tatsumoto for "Ryan's Table"

Itadakimasu – Pig Tales @ MW Restaurant

ITADAKIMASU By, Ryan Tatsumoto
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Puna Hongwanji Mission Annual Fundraising Bazaar

WHO/WHAT: Puna Hongwanji Mission presents its annual bazaar. This fun-filled fundraising event will feature clothing and housewares in the rummage sale, laulau and baked goods in the food market, bagged cinders in the landscape...
Photo of Clyde Sakamoto

Legacy of the Sansei – Exploring a Possible Legacy of Sansei in Hawai‘i

Clyde Sakamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Legacies are clearest looking back. As Sansei, plainly seeing our generational outcome is probably beyond our reach. From my family, personal, work and community experiences, my “Sansei Legacy guess-timation”...
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Dialogue – Mahalo Maui!

DIALOGUE By Karleen C. Chinen
Photo of Asa Ige visiting Taj Majal in India

Legacy of the Sansei – Reflections of Past Inspire Confidence in Future

Asa Ige Special to The Hawai‘i Herald As a sansei son of Okinawan parents whose family names are Nagamine and Ige, I am so proud to be 100 percent Okinawan and so very proud of my...
Photo of Maui County Councilman Mike Victorino presents a certificate to Hiroshi Arisumi (center) and Brian Moto, representing the Maui AJA Veterans, Inc.

Maui AJA Veterans – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, Maui AJA Veterans,...

David Fukuda Special to The Hawai‘i Herald This year’s Joint Memorial Service honoring the Maui AJA veterans who served in the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service in World War...

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