Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – The Serialized Novel

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Hilo Residents Share Their Stories

Editor’s note: The following two pieces were shared with the Herald by two subscribers from Hilo. We decided to save them and include them in this Big Island edition as “Your Story” contributions. Thank...
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Dear Kapoho…

LITERATURE By Frances H. Kakugawa

Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Presents “Holiday Wine & Baubles”

WHO/WHAT: The Japanese Women’s Society Foundation launches its first JWSF Social Event, “Holiday Wine & Baubles.” Attendees will have the opportunity to sample special wines, enjoy ‘ono pupu and start their holiday shopping —...
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by Rev. Paul S. Osumi Reprinted with permission “The joy of life is in its extras, the lovely things we do, the kind words we say, beyond what is expected of us.” Yes, it is the...

Hilo Lunch Shop Is Comfort Food Central

Corey Masao Johnson Special to The Hawai‘i Herald The first scratch of dawn has yet to mark the sky. Wiping away tired eyes, I cut the car engine a few steps away from the entrance to...

Hula Mania… And Thunder Under The Bridge


Japanese Identity and Language Thrive at Näwahï

William H. “Pila” Wilson, Ph.D. Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Which elementary school on the island of Hawai‘i has the most intensive program in Japanese language? Would you believe it is a Hawaiian language medium school,...

The Patriotic Inouyes

Michie Kuwaye We’ve all heard the saying, “Give credit where credit is due.” Here is a story of a family that deserves their country’s appreciation. Saichi and Matsue Inouye were both born in Onomea, a small...


Jodie Ching Special to The Hawai‘i Herald TOBE! . . . FLY! Choichi Terukina-Sensei, a National Living Treasure of Japan in the Afuso style of Okinawan uta sanshin (singing and playing sanshin simultaneously), has always believed in...

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