Gone, But No Longer Forgotten

Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald For the past 14 years, representatives of the Hawai‘i State Hospital and supporters from the larger community have come together above a peaceful cul-de-sac at Hawaiian Memorial Park cemetery in...
Photo of Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Is “The American Century” Over?

ECON 2015 By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – A Family Saga


NGN – Digital Channel 677

“Kumokiri Nizaemon,” premieres on Wednesday, June 3, at 8:30 p.m. Kumokiri Nizaemon, a former samurai warrior, has abandoned his class to become the leader of a gang of thieves. The gang is active not just...

KIKU – Channel 9

“The Last Policeman,” premieres on Thursday, June 11, at 8 p.m. The National Police Safety Rescue, or NPS, is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s special assault team (SAT) that possesses both the mobility of the...
Rev. Paul Osumi

In The Mind

Many of our illnesses have their origin in the mind. Our disturbing sense of guilt and our deep-seated fear play havoc with our health. Our grudges, resentments, envy and jealousy, poison our body and...
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Chinowa Blessing For People & Pets

WHO/WHAT: Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha – Hawaii Dazaifu presents its annual Chinowa blessing for people and pets. Pets are spiritual creatures that love us unconditionally. The special blessing creates a day of love and celebration...

KBFD Korean Programming

“Here Comes Jang Bori,” Sunday at 6:30 p.m./ re-airs Monday at 1:45 p.m. Also known as “Come! Jang Bo-Ri,” this drama follows two women who experience sudden changes with their lives and families. As a child, Bo-Ri...

Creeping Up On 35

DRAMA QUEEN JOURNALS By Shara Yuki Enay Birbirsa

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