NGN Series Spotlights Hawai‘i – Japan Sister-State Ties

Hawai‘i’s sister-state ties with Japan are the focus of a series of programs airing on Oceanic Cable’s Nippon Golden Network, a subscription-based network of stations. The series highlights Hawai‘i’s sister-state relationships with Fukuoka, Okinawa,...
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – A Family Saga

Photo of Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Is “The American Century” Over?

ECON 2015 By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Rev. Paul Osumi

In The Mind

Many of our illnesses have their origin in the mind. Our disturbing sense of guilt and our deep-seated fear play havoc with our health. Our grudges, resentments, envy and jealousy, poison our body and...


Kokorozashi wo takaku Mokuhyou wo tatete Jinsei ni torikunde ireba Hibi no shigoto nimo Asobi nimo imi ga Dete kuru By setting goals, one will derive greater satisfaction from both work and play. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii

10th “Bolts Of Fabric & Fun”

WHO/WHAT: TEMARI, Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, will present its fundraising event, “Bolts of Fabric & Fun.” “Bolts” is for serious textile addicts — people who love fabrics, hoard remnants, collect everything related...
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Chinowa Blessing For People & Pets

WHO/WHAT: Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha – Hawaii Dazaifu presents its annual Chinowa blessing for people and pets. Pets are spiritual creatures that love us unconditionally. The special blessing creates a day of love and celebration...
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“Warabi Ashibi” – Children At Play

WHO/WHAT: The Hawaii United Okinawa Association presents its Okinawan Summer Day Camp for children, ages 8-13. Developed in 1996, the program is designed to teach children about the Okinawan culture and heritage in a...

NGN – Digital Channel 677

“Kumokiri Nizaemon,” premieres on Wednesday, June 3, at 8:30 p.m. Kumokiri Nizaemon, a former samurai warrior, has abandoned his class to become the leader of a gang of thieves. The gang is active not just...

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