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Generation Gap

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Make Time For Hobbies, Leisure Activities

Valerie Takahashi Courtesy: Ho‘okele Healthy Living Hobbies are often viewed as activities for people who lead quiet, relaxed lives. But people with full, busy schedules and stressful lives may need hobbies even more than the average...

U.S. Actress Boosts Ratings of NHK Morning Drama

TÖKYÖ — A little-known American actress is proving to be a hit with viewers of NHK’s latest morning television drama series and is helping to maintain its high ratings. The drama, “Massan,” is inspired by...

Hanayagi Dancing Academy’s Annual “Maizome”

WHO/WHAT: Hanayagi Dancing Academy presents its annual “Maizome” or first recital of the year. At the event, a new master dance instructor, Shihan Hanayagi Mitsujyuro and a new Hanayagi natori (certified dancer who receives...

Honouliuli Designated A National Historic Monument

Karleen C. Chinen Seventeen years ago, a phone call from a Honolulu television reporter was routed to Jane Kurahara, a retired librarian who was volunteering in the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i’s Resource Center. “Where is...


Are mo shitai, Kore mo shitai de Nani mo shinai de Kotoshi mo, owari If one keeps on saying, “I want to do t his and I want to do that” long enough, one will eventally realize that...

When To Sign Up For Medicare

MEDICARE 411 By David Sayen

100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Present “Spring Fling Bazaar”

WHO/WHAT: The 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans will present a Spring Fling Bazaar. The event will feature the handiwork of talented local artists at the Mini-Craft Fair. Items include aloha print paddle and baseball bat...
Rev. Paul Osumi

Mud or Stars

“Two men looked out of the prison bars. One saw mud and the other stars.” Life can be mud or stars depending on your outlook. If you have eyes only for criticism you can...

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