Bring On The Future!

It’s graduation season, and Läna‘i High and Elementary School recently held its commencement ceremony for the Class of 2014. This year, 37 proud seniors received their diplomas. Every weekend since graduation, Läna‘i City has...

Tökyö Finds New Business Under The Tracks

TÖKYÖ — Redevelopment projects utilizing space beneath elevated railway tracks have been springing up around Tökyö in recent years, giving a fresh image to areas that had previously been used for warehouses and parking...

China and the South China Sea

China has moved a massive oil-drilling rig into a part of the South China Sea that is claimed by both China and Vietnam. Ships from the two countries have rammed into each other and...
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Today’s Thought: Your Past Blunder

YOUR PAST BLUNDER It is futile to torment yourself by brooding over past blunders. Too much self-reproach for things you cannot undo renders you unfit to do your best with what is left of life....


Soko kara saki wa kikanai Soko kara saki wa iwanai Sore ga otona no tsukiai desu Don’t ask to hear more, Nor speak further, That is the adult relationship.  

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