Yuubeki toki ni iwazu yarubeki Toki ni yaranakereba Ikahodo no chishiki ga arooto Nan no yaku nimo tatanai If one does not say what should be said and do what must be done, then he is useless, no...

Kuakini Memorial Service Honors Early Japanese Immigrants

With the Buddhist obon season soon to begin, members of the Kuakini Auxiliary and the medical center’s health care team gathered at the Kuakini Columbarium at the Honolulu Park Cemetery in Nu‘uanu on May...
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House Of Cards

By Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Rev. Paul Osumi

Father Was Too Busy

A father whose son had gotten into trouble pondered, “I can’t understand. We have treated him well. He had his own room, his own camera, and his own gun. He had everything.” Yes, he...
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What Is Stroke (Cerebral Infarction)? (Part Two)

In last month’s issue, the warning signs and a stroke checklist were provided. This article will explain what a stroke is. What type of disease is it? Blood vessels in the brain get clogged and brain...

KIKU – Channel 9

“Love and Deceit,” premieres on Sunday, July 5 at 8 p.m. Rika Nishida has been having an affair with Sota Kashiwagi, a married man who is 20 years her senior and the managing director of...

Dissecting My DQ Personality

DRAMA QUEEN JOURNALS by Shara Yuki Enay Birbirsa, Hawai‘i Herald Columnist
Dennis Fujitake


8*0*8 By Dennis Fujitake

A View From Kaua‘i

After reading about the first 14 years of Bill Fernandez’s life growing up on Kaua‘i in his first book, “Kaua‘i Kids in Peace and War,” the author and retired California judge said many people...
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Generation Gap


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