NGN July Movie Schedule

FRIDAY, JULY 1 Midnight – Champion of Death 1:30 a.m. – Thirteen Assassins 3:40 a.m. – Operation Summit 5:30 a.m. – The Mysterious Cape 7 a.m. – Crimson Peacock, Part 5 8 a.m. – The Flower and the Dragon 9:40 a.m....

“Eyes Of The Emperor”

EYES OF THE EMPEROR By Shara Yuki Enay Birbirsa
Photo of Jon J. Murakami

Generation Gap


The Training Of Itamae

Lisa Fowler Vol. 5, No. 10, April 20, 1984 Raw quail eggs resting on flying fish roe and raw squid placed on a bed of rice probably wouldn’t appeal to the Western palate at first. However,...

Garrett Kaoru Hongo

On my way to the Volcano district of the Big Island to interview poet Garrett Hongo, I thought about the poems in his two books of poetry, “Yellow Light,” and his more recent “The...

Herald Salutes

Dr. Dennis Masaaki Ogawa, Ph.D., was recently conferred The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by Consul General of Japan Yasushi Misawa, for his “contributions to the development of Japanese...

Portraits of Internment

Laura Hirayama Vol. 3, No. 23, Dec. 3, 1982 Dear Daddy, . . . I am waiting for you to come home to show you how I can dance. I can swim too. I go swimming with...
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – A Family Saga


No Holiday For The Elderly And Poor

Allicyn Chiyeko Levi Vol. 6, No. 24, Dec. 20, 1985 “MAMA-SAN” Looking like a wet and frightened cat, the bent little lady, shabbily attired in a sack dress and oversized shoes, slowly pulls her cart of personal...

10th Annual Kids First! Film Festival

WHO/WHAT: The award-winning UH Manoa KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, presented by Outreach College, celebrates a decade of FREE family fun. This year’s festival provides quality entertainment for children and youth from 2 to 18...

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