Momohara family after aisatsu (greeting) meeting with Yomitan Mayor Denjitsu Ishimine. (Photo by Shingo Sunabe)

Culture – GOING HOME

Colin Y. Sewake Special to The Hawai’i Herald It’s been almost six years since I started to write for The Hawai‘i Herald at the request of former editor-in-chief, Karleen Chinen. I really don’t know how many...
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Mind-Body Wellness – DEMENTIA

Dr. Chad Sato Hawai‘i Herald Columnist The dreaded “D” word, dementia, as we get older is a fear that is real for many. Unable to make clear, rational decisions or, further, unable to have recollection of...
Hank’s Baked Bacon Wrapped Dates.

Ryan’s Table – The Grapes of Spain Grow Mainly on the Plain…

Ryan Tatsumoto Hawai‘i Herald Columnist OK, so I took a little creative license with George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” but if you visit many of Spain’s wine producing regions, they’re quite different from vineyards you’ll find in...
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Rainbow Connections – BIANKA TASAKA

A Profile in Māhū Liberation Camaron Miyamoto Hawai‘i Herald Columnist June was International Pride Month. As we feature the island of Kaua‘i in this issue of The Hawai‘i Herald, the 5th annual Kaua‘i Pride Parade and festival...
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

Historical Fiction – “A Question of Loyalty”

Mike Malaghan Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: “A Question of Loyalty” is the second historical novel in Mike Malaghan’s trilogy on the Japanese American experience in Hawai‘i. Prior to “A Question of Loyalty,” the...
Rev. Paul Osumi

Today’s Thought

by Rev. Paul S. Osumi Reprinted with permission LIVE IN A BIG WORLD We live where our thoughts are. If your thoughts are confined only to your business, only to your physical welfare, only to your narrow...


GENERATION GAP by Jon J. Murakami
Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8·0·8 By Dennis Fujitake

Dad’s Three Cats

Dad's Three Cats by Gwen Muranaka  


Heta dakaratte Akirameru na. Sore dake tanoshimi ga Öi to iu koto da. Don't give up even if you are unskilled. All the more you can look forward in becoming skilled. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii

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