From Kaimuki Middle to Carnegie Hall

Wow, I can’t believe that we are here.”Those were Susan Ochi Onishi’s thoughts as she stepped onto the podium of America’s premier concert venue, Carnegie Hall, in New York City this past March. As the sounds...
Photo of Frances Kakugawa

Making It Through

DEAR FRANCES By Frances H. Kakugawa

Ed Hawkins Receives Imperial Decoration

ED HAWKINS RECEIVES IMPERIAL DECORATION Edwin P. Hawkins Jr., who retired recently as president of the Japan-America Society of Hawaii, the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation and the Ehime Maru Memorial Association, received the Order...
Rev. Paul Osumi

Only Skin Deep

“Unhappiness Is Only Skin Deep” headlined an advertisement on a new book on plastic surgery. The sad fact is that many people believe happiness comes from superficial things. Happiness cannot be obtained through external means...
Photo of Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurosaki Kubota


CULTURE4KIDS! By Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurosaki Kubota.

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