Planning Ahead… And Ooh La La Red Shoes!

By Frances Kakugawa Omoiyari . . . Think of others first and good karma will return to you. — Frances H. Kakugawa Dear Frances, I’m not a caregiver, but will probably need one in my old age....

Who Gets Your Vote For Governor? – Q&A With The Candidates

1) WHAT WILL BE YOUR TOP THREE PRIORITIES UPON TAKING OFFICE? NEIL ABERCROMBIE (Democrat) Education: There is no greater investment we can make in our future than education. We look forward to providing preschool for all...

Dear Editor

Dear Editor: I wish to commend and congratulate The Hawai‘i Herald for offering to its readers the address given by Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. on June 22, 2014, at the 72nd anniversary of the...

“Hanagurumu” – Ryukyuan Music, Dance and Fashion Show

WHO/WHAT: “Hanagurumu” is a unique and highly anticipated production of cultural exchange presented by Chinen Toshiko Ryuso Bunka Gakuin. This spectacular presentation is the first of its kind, and will focus on the beauty...
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Hamono no kizu wa naoru ga kotoba no kizu wa naoranai Scar from the sharp knife will heal. But the scar from unkind words will not heal.

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