Megan Kau For Prosecuting Attorney

Megan Kau has taken the most aggressive stance against crime. The most pressing issue is that crime has increased, and criminals have resorted to pushing our küpuna down in the street, leaving them to...
Earl Tsuneyoshi.

Earl Tsuneyoshi for Honolulu City Council, District 9

“Integrity, Transparency & Accountability must be at the core of a cultural change within Honolulu Hale to restore the trust of the people. We must do things for the right reasons or we will...
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Estate Planning Insights: Do I Need A Trust?

Ethan R. Okura Hawai‘i Herald Columnist “Do I need a trust?” This is the question that I hear most when people find out that I am an estate-planning attorney. The question is usually prompted by a...
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Today’s Thought

Brighten Your Life Here are eight steps to brighten your life: 1. Begin the day in a cheerful mood. 2. Try smiling at others. 3. Count your blessings. 4. Live life one day at a time. 5. Give some friends...


Jibun o mitomete kureru hito ga hitoridemo itara, Sonohito no tamenimo ganbatte ikundane. If only one person approves of you, You will try your best for that person. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii
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WHO/WHAT: The Chicago Japanese Culture Center hosts a three-part virtual introductory workshop for Japanese Classical Dance (nihon buyou). Yoshimoto Fujima, a shin-nisei and Grandmaster in Fujima-style Japanese classical dance, will teach the basics of...
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WHO/WHAT: The Hawaii State Department of Health, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for Creative Land Recycling presents a virtual workshop to learn about land recycling and brownfield redevelopment in Hawai‘i. Experts will...
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WHO/WHAT: The Reiki Center of America presents a five-part series following the spread of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual healing art, across the globe. In the third webinar Dr. Justin Stein, a historian of spiritual...

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