Japanese Community Association Of Hawaii Honors Two Multigenerational Companies

The Hilo-based Japanese Community Association of Hawaii honored two longstanding and multigenerational companies — HPM Building Supply and Isemoto Contracting Co. Ltd. — at its Nikkei Kigyo (enterprise of Japanese ancestry) Fundraising Dinner on...

Murata To Judge In Okinawa

Grant “Sandaa” Murata, longtime Okinawan sanshin sensei (teacher) as well as advertising and promotions manager for The Hawai‘i Herald and Hawaii Hochi, has been selected as a judge for next month’s Geinou Konku-ru proficiency...

The Sweet Sounds Of Mark Yamanaka

Margaret Shiba Special to The Hawai‘i Herald It’s a thought that makes diehard Hawaiian music fans of Mark Yamanaka count their blessings when they learn that the multiple Nä Hökü Hanohano-award winner once questioned whether, as...

Larry Kimura – Best Of Both Worlds

UH-Hilo Scholar Grew Up Influenced by Both Japanese and Hawaiian Culture

The Chisel: A Kapoho Story

“Look at that stupid man! He’s kissing Kapoho! He might as well kiss my ass!” Keoni’s young voice bursts out of him as he watches an old man struggle out of a taxi and...

Intergenerational Living

Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Hawai‘i is known for its large number of multigenerational households and for the importance that its diverse cultures place on family relationships and activities. There are two very different,...

Interns: Pamper? Or Push?

DRAMA QUEEN JOURNALS By Shara Yuki Enay Birbirsa
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

“Picture Bride” – A Family Saga

Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8*0*8 By Dennis Fujitake

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