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Your Social Security – Ex-Spouse Benefits, Taxes And You

YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY By Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay
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Estate Planning Insights – Controlling Your Assets From The Grave

Carroll D. Dortch Guest Columnist, Okura & Associates One of the best ways to protect the assets that you give to your children is by using a generation-skipping, transfer tax-exempt trust. These are often referred to...

Cover Story – A Lifelong “Brazilian Experience” “Ipanema” Plays On In Sandy Tsukiyama’s Heart

Alan Suemori Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: In a few short weeks, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad will open in Brazil. From Aug. 5 to 21, all eyes will be on the South...
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Generation Gap

By Jon J. Murakami


Ningen wa nakinagara Umarete kitan dayo Nagai jinsei damono Naku toki mo arusa Sono tabi ni Umarekawarunda na Kitto Your first cry at birth! In one’s long journey of life, there will be times to cry, reborn at each time you...

Spotlight – A Magnificent Man And His Flying Machine

The descendants of Shigeru and Soyo Serikaku, joined by about 200 of their relatives and friends, gathered at Masa’s Cafeteria in Mäpunapuna on April 24 to remember and celebrate the issei adventurer “taking flight”...

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