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Lifestyle – Out with Clutter, In with Joy

The KonMari Method Clears the Home and Fills the Heart Jodie Chiemi Ching In Japan, cleaning and clearing the previous year’s clutter is traditionally done in December to get a fresh start in the new year. But, here in Hawai‘i, if you haven’t started yet, you could at least say you’re running on “Hawaiian time.”....

NGN3 February Movie Schedule (part I)

SATURDAY, FEB. 1 Midnight – A Yakuza Goes Home 1:40 a.m. – Tange Sazen and the Princess 3:10 a.m. – The Okinawa War of Ten Years 5 a.m. – The Eye of the Chinese Festival 6:30 a.m. – Case of a Young Lord 9 8:10 a.m. – Sister with Sister 9:40 a.m. – Lifetime Insecurity 11:30 a.m. –....
'Sonata of Atonement.'

NGN3 February Movie Schedule (part II)

FRIDAY, FEB. 14 12:10 a.m. – Sister with Sister 1:40 a.m. – The Silk Hat Boss 2 3:10 a.m. – The Idle Vassal Tribute 5:10 a.m. – The Newcomer to Shimizu 6:50 a.m. – The Samurai Markets 8:20 a.m. – Bloody Passion 10:10 a.m. – Shingo's Original Challenge Part 3 11:40 a.m. – What a Wonderful Family!....
Fly! Boys, Fly!'

NGN Programs

”Fly! Boys, Fly!” premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 7:35 p.m. Chikara is a new trainee who has been aiming to become a cabin attendant since his childhood. He and fellow male crew members are excited at the upcoming training. However, in addition to serving customers, their work is extensive, including in-flight cleaning and security....

NGN Programs (part II)

“Hiyameshi To Osan To Chan (Cold Rice, Osan and Chan),” 1965 jidaigeki, 2 hour and 58 minutes. Directed by Tomototaka Tasaka. Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura, Michiyo Kogure and Yoshiko Mita. Veteran actor Kinnosuke Nakamura takes on three separate roles in three short stories. Hiyameshi, the younger son of a modest family, often referred to as “cold....


“Dream Big!,” Tuesday, Feb. 2, at  11:30 a.m.; repeats on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 1 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. A documentary highlighting American servicemen of Japanese descent and their tremendous impact on Hawai‘i's postwar social structure, economy and politics. "Dream Big!" will tell the story of their contributions to Hawai‘i's growth....
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Health Information

COFFEE: DARK ROAST PROVIDES INCREASED CONTROL OF ACTIVE OXYGEN (Part 4) Prof. Nguyen also conducted research on the relationship between coffee and active oxygen to show that coffee can eliminate such active oxygen species as superoxide...

KBFD – Korean Programming

“Mother of Mine,” Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m.; re-airs on Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m. While running a small beef soup restaurant, Sun-Ja Park raised her three daughters Mi-Sun, Mi-Ri and Mi-Hye alone. She still runs the restaurant and her three daughters are all grown up. Sun-Ja's first daughter, Mi-Sun, is married and....
Stephen Lyman and his friend in a shöchu distillery. (Photo by Joseph Overbey, courtesy of Stephen Lyman)

Book Review – “The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks”

A New Book Examines Japan’s Alcohol Industry and Its Storied History Joe Udell Special to The Hawai‘i Herald While Japan is a relatively small country — roughly the size of the state of Montana — its 2,000 active breweries and distilleries are responsible for more than 20,000 unique products. That staggering output reflects the breadth....

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