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by Rev. Paul S. Osumi The Added Touch The secret of success in any undertaking is the added touch - doing more than is expected. The store that gives the added service, the restaurant that serves...

The Sansei Legacy: The Not-so-quiet Americans

Brian Niiya Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: On this date 74 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order, which, in today’s climate of anti-Muslim hysteria and political hot air, is often...
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Generation Gap


Remembering Töhoku Five Years On

Jon Ishihara Special to The Hawai‘i Herald In 2011, I was working out of a two-story temporary building at the U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility in Yokosuka, Japan. It had been built as a modular structure...
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The Ability To Be Fully American

George Tanabe Special to The Hawai‘i Herald We often think of legacies and traditions as needing to be revered and preserved. But if each generation only repeated what the previous generations did, there would be no social...
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8*0*8 By Dennis Fujitake

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