NGN — Digital Channel 677

“Gurutto J:COM Tankentai,” premieres on Monday, May 4, at 8:30 p.m. “J:COM expedition team” goes to Fukuoka and its surrounding cities to report on landmarks, restaurants, local events and people, some not well-known. Learn about...
Photo of Jon J. Murakami

Generation Gap

Generation Gap By Jon J. Murakami

Avoid Cirrhosis Of The Liver And Liver Cancer (Part Three/Final)

Liver Danger Signals If detected and treated early on, it is not only possible to slow the advance of cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer, but it becomes possible to live a normal daily...

KBFD – Korean Programming

“Here Comes Jang Bori,” Sunday at 6:30 p.m./ re-airs Monday at 1:45 p.m. Also known as “Come! Jang Bo-Ri,” this drama follows two women who experience sudden changes with their lives and families. As a child, Bo-Ri...

KIKU – Channel 9 (For updated information, call 847-2021)

“Doctors (TV Asahi),” premieres on Monday, May 18, at 9 p.m. Kousuke Sagara is a highly skilled surgeon working at a corrupt hospital. There is a kind side to Kousuke that is evident in his...
Nichiren Mission | Photo by Ryan Ozawa

2015 Japanese Language Speech Achievement Ceremony

WHO/WHAT: The United Japanese Society of Hawaii will host a recognition ceremony for students of all levels, who excel in the Japanese language. This year, 17 participants representing Hawai‘i’s public schhool, private schools and...
Photo of Joseph S. Nye Jr.

What To Do About Russia

ECON 2015 By Joseph S. Nye Jr
Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8*0*8 By Dennis Fujitake

2015 Kauai Okinawan Dance Festival

WHO/WHAT: Hui Alu presents this Okinawan dance festival and cultural event. Featured will be Okinawan food and dance, cultural displays and sanshin performances. There will also be a Country Store and baked goods for...
Rev. Paul Osumi


by Rev. Paul S. Osumi Reprinted with permission Do you have some handicap? Are you having a hard time? Stop pitying yourself. Accept your hand as it was dealt to you and play the game. Don’t...

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