Photo of Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurosaki Kubota

Culture 4 Kids!

Culture 4 Kids! By Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurosaki Kubota.

How Medicare’s Hospice Benefit Works

Medicare 411 by David Sayen

Happy Birthday, Buddha!

Every year in spring, one of Buddhism’s most important observances is celebrated at Buddhist temples throughout world. People throng to temples and also participate in other celebrations honoring the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama,...

Fukushima’s 3/11 Earthquake Babies

Story by Yuta Hirai, Photos by Ai Iwane English Translation by Kyoko Hamamoto Published with Permission from Weekly Bunshun Magazine This past March 11 marked five years since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake rocked northeastern Japan, touching off a series...
Logo for Social Security Administration

Filing Taxes Just Got (A Little Bit) Easier

YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY By Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay
Photo of Jon J. Murakami

Generation Gap


First Dance And IV Smoke Break Zone

Haisai Hawaii by Louis Wai

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