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Health Information – A Sticky Slimy Way to Turn Back the Clock on the...

In Japanese, a person with a spirited willingness to do his best when it matters most is said to have nebarigoshi––literally, “stick-to-it hips.” The Japanese claim sticky, slimy foods like natto, a wonderful fermented...
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Your Stress-Relief Road Map

W e all experience stress in our lives, but too many of us continue living with it without trying to find ways to reduce our stress levels. We push it aside, bottle it up and,...
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Medicare 411 – Your Medicare Costs in 2019

MEDICARE 411 By Greg Dill
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Health Information – Glucose, The Brain’s Sole Energy Source (Part 2)

In addition to vitamins and minerals, proteins, lipids and many other nutrients are essential to the brain. The most important among these, according to Dr.  Oshima are choline and glucose. “Choline, found in egg yolks,...
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Health Information

SUPPLEMENT YOUR BRAIN WITH FISH AND SESAME SEEDS, DHA: BRAIN CELL BUILDING BLOCKS (Part 5) Just as cars use gasoline as their source of energy, we humans use food energy from the things we eat...
The 2017 Puaka‘ana o ka lä (Rise Up!) Award recipients with Sunrise Foundation board members at the recent “Journeys to Wellness” program. From left: Honoree Dave Shoji; Ann Miller; Sister Joan Chatfield, Ph.D.; honoree Nancy Aleck; honoree Dr. John Houk and the Rev. Dr. Wally Fukunaga. (Photo by Kevin Kawamoto)

Wellness – Health, Body, Mind, and Spirit

Sunrise Foundation Presents “Journeys to Wellness” Program Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald For the past six years, the nonprofit Sunrise Foundation has presented a daylong program that encourages participants to consider the meaning of wellness and the variety of paths to reach that destination. This year, participants gathered at The Community Church of....
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Health Information – Sayonara to the Raw Vegetable Myth (Part 7)

Vegetables Are Better Cooked Why do human beings need to eat vegetables in the first place? Today, human beings are said to require 300 grams of vegetables each day. “Vegetables contain vitamins such as A and C,...
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Aging With Care – Preparing for a Psychological Assessment

Being Prepared Can Lead to Better Care Kevin Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald You’ve probably heard this before: A person is more than a diagnosis or a disease, even though the disease may be the focus of the visit to the doctor. In these days of increasingly specialized medicine, sometimes the idea of the....

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