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Health Information – A Sticky Slimy Way to Turn Back the Clock on the...

In Japanese, a person with a spirited willingness to do his best when it matters most is said to have nebarigoshi––literally, “stick-to-it hips.” The Japanese claim sticky, slimy foods like natto, a wonderful fermented...
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Health Information – Seafood For Concentration (Part 9)

Taurine, a substance famous for its antioxidant properties, is another important nutrient you should be getting in order to boost your brain. “Taurine has long been known for increasing male virility. It helps absorb and...
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Health Information

PREVENTING ANEMIA WITH B12, THE "RED VITAMIN" (Part 8) Everyone knows that balanced nutrition from the foods you eat is important to maintaining your health. Vitamin B12, in particular, has attracted a great deal of...
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Health Information – Inhibit Aging with Ground Black Sesame Seeds (Part 7)

Like natto, sesame seeds are comprised mainly of protein, and are an outstanding health food. They also contain the brain-boosting vitamins B1, B2 and E. “Sesame seeds come in three varieties: black, white and...
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Medicare 411 – Your Medicare Costs in 2019

MEDICARE 411 By Greg Dill
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Health Information – Natto Boosts Your Brain, Strengthens Your Bones (Part 6)

Natto (fermented soy beans), one of Japan’s best-known health foods, is loaded with compounds that help slow aging of the brain such as vitamins B1, B2 and K2. Vitamin B1, known for its effects...
The 2018 Puaka‘ana o ka lä (Rise Up!) awards recipients were: (seated, from left) comedian Frank DeLima; the Rev. Dr. Teruo Kawata and Dr. Amy Agbayani. Standing behind them are (from left): Sr. Joan Chatfield, Janet Fujioka, the Rev. Dr. Wally Fukunaga and Dr. Jeffrey Acido. (Photo by Kevin Kawamoto)

Health and Wellness – Journeys to Wellness VII

Kevin Y. Kawamoto Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Resilience — the ability to bounce back from significant adversity and lead a meaningful, purpose-driven life — was the underlying theme of Dr. Randal Wada’s keynote speech at the seventh annual “Journeys to Wellness” gathering on Oct. 13 at the Community Church of Honolulu. Readers may remember....
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SUPPLEMENT YOUR BRAIN WITH FISH AND SESAME SEEDS, DHA: BRAIN CELL BUILDING BLOCKS (Part 5) Just as cars use gasoline as their source of energy, we humans use food energy from the things we eat...
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Health Information – Chewing: The Start fo High Intelligence (Part 4)

Of the three important elements, the most crucial is “how you eat.” “At mealtime, the most important thing for giving your brain a boost is to chew your food well. As I mentioned earlier, moving...

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