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COFFEE: YOU MEAN IT’S ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU? (Part 6) DRINK IT BLACK People who are concerned about their sugar intake should drink their coffee black. If and upset stomach is a concern, then drink a...
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COVID 19 Notice for Bulletin Board Events:

Due to the fast-changing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, other than live stream events, all events are subject to postponement or cancellation at the last minute. Please contact the sponsoring organizations of the following event...
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Health Information: Coffee, Good for Your Liver? (Part 5)

“It isn’t a good idea to guzzle coffee just because it offers some benefits. Stay with four to five cups per day, preferably after meals. Drink moderately, and enjoy each cup,” says Dr. Nguyen. Research...
Forest therapy guide Phyllis Look, founder and owner of Forest Bathing Hawai‘i, at Lyon Arboretum in Mänoa on her 65th birthday. (Photos by Kevin Kawamoto)

Lead Story – Guided Forest Bathing Reveals Nature’s Healing Spirit

GUIDED FOREST BATHING REVEALS NATURE’S HEALING SPIRIT Kevin Y. Kawamoto Special to the Hawai‘i Herald My journey to the forest began in the city — at a bus stop at the Ala Moana Shopping Center, to be exact. The No. 5 bus to Mänoa took me farther and farther away from stressed-out Christmas season shoppers....
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Lifestyle – Out with Clutter, In with Joy

The KonMari Method Clears the Home and Fills the Heart Jodie Chiemi Ching In Japan, cleaning and clearing the previous year’s clutter is traditionally done in December to get a fresh start in the new year. But, here in Hawai‘i, if you haven’t started yet, you could at least say you’re running on “Hawaiian time.”....
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Health Information

COFFEE: DARK ROAST PROVIDES INCREASED CONTROL OF ACTIVE OXYGEN (Part 4) Prof. Nguyen also conducted research on the relationship between coffee and active oxygen to show that coffee can eliminate such active oxygen species as superoxide...
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Health Information – Coffee .. It’s Actually Good for You?! (Part 3)

“Coffee also inhibits active oxygen, a cause of aging and cancer,” says Prof. Nguyen van Chuyen of the Department of Food and Nutrition at Japan Women’s University. Prof.   Nguyen claims that coffee possesses...
Sakai with several Rwandan orphans who she helped overcome trauma. Many of them saw their parents die in the genocide and used TFT to help stop nightmares and overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo courtesy Caroline Sakai)

Holistic Healing – Journeys to Wellness VIII, Healing is an Inside Job

Keynote Speaker Dr. Sakai Talks About “Tapping” Trauma Away Jodie Chiemi Ching Commentary This past September, I attended the Sunrise Foundation Hawaii’s annual “Journeys To Wellness VIII” — “A gathering offering thoughtful reflections and spiritual practices toward achieving a healthy and harmonious body, mind, spirit and community.” Our editor here at The Herald, Karleen Chinen, knew....

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