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Health Information – Soybeans Inhibit Cancer, Contain Vitamins, Pair Well with Beer (Part 2)

Many Japanese have heard the saying that soybeans are the “meat that grows in the fields” — a reference to their abundant healthy proteins. But the soybean’s power does not end there. As a health...
Sets Yoshida (right) and former “Dear Frances” columnist Frances Kakugawa holoholo’ing at Rockefeller Center in New York City in November 2011. (Photo courtesy Frances Kakugawa)

Humanity – COVID-19 Comes Home

Coronavirus Claims Former Hawai‘i Nurse Who Treated AIDS Patients Karleen Chinen Reprinted from The Hawai‘i Herald, June 6, 1986 Last Tuesday, April 7, was a deadly day in the state of New York. Seven hundred thirty-one people succumbed to the COVID-19 virus. “Behind every one of those numbers is an individual, is a family, is....
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Health Information – the Power of the Tiny Bean (Part 1)

Long ago, when food was scarce, beans were an important source of protein. But as food became more abundant, the venerable bean was all but forgotten. In this article we will examine everything you...
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Health Information

COFFEE: YOU MEAN IT’S ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU? (Part 6) DRINK IT BLACK People who are concerned about their sugar intake should drink their coffee black. If and upset stomach is a concern, then drink a...
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COVID 19 Notice for Bulletin Board Events:

Due to the fast-changing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, other than live stream events, all events are subject to postponement or cancellation at the last minute. Please contact the sponsoring organizations of the following event...

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