Growing Mustard Cabbage

If you’re looking for something natural and non-chemical to clear your sinuses, consider a mustard cabbage tsukemono (pickled vegetable). You’ll find that it is not only a pungent vegetable, but a tasty cabbage, as...

Benihana founder, Rocky Aoki passes away

Slightly late, but still relevant is the news that the founder of the Benihana steakhouse chain, Rocky Aoki, passed away on Thursday. The 69-year-old died of pneumonia. Aoki opened the first Benihana in 1964 in...

Microscopic ramen!

Here in Hawaii, food is a pretty big deal and ramen is one of the many popular dishes. In Japan, ramen is also a pretty big deal - except in this particular case. Scientists from...
Columnist Ryan Tatsumoto for "Ryan's Table"

Itadakimasu – Sketches Of Spain

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto
Miso Chilean Sea Bass. (Photos courtesy Ryan Tatsumoto)

Ryan’s Table – The Sixth Noble Grape

RYAN'S TABLE By Ryan Tatsumoto Of the approximately 1,500 grape varieties grown worldwide, it is generally acknowledged that there are only six noble grape varieties. These six varieties produce outstanding wines on several continents. If you are a wine lover, you’ve probably sampled at least three, if not all six, of these noble grapes. All....

Pound That Sauce

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto
Columnist Ryan Tatsumoto for "Ryan's Table"

Ryan’s Table – To Excite, Encourage, Raise Up and Rouse

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto To excite, encourage, raise up and rouse. That is the translation of the name of a new Honolulu restaurant, Pai Honolulu (from its original name, Ho‘opai). It’s also how chef and owner Kevin Lee wants his guests to feel about their dining experience at Pai Honolulu. You probably thought the....
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Hawaii’s Plantation Village Rededicates Shiroma Saimin Stand at “Noodles and Bread” Event

WHO/WHAT: Hawaii’s Plantation Village will hold a rededication ceremony of the renovated Shiroma Saimin Stand building, located inside the village. In 1997, the Shiroma family, who operated a saimin stand in Oahu Sugar Plantation’s Higashi...
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Fire & Rice Waikiki

WHO/WHAT: Join Eating House 1849 on a cultural journey celebrating 150 years of Japanese heritage in Hawai‘i. Executive Chef Randy Bangloy and the Eating House 1849 team will partner with award-winning Chef Roy Yamaguchi...

Ramen Girl, Mochi making and The Karate Kid

Film star Jackie Chan may play the role made famous by Pat Morita in the upcoming remake of The Karate Kid. The Ramen Girl, starring Brittany Murphy, gets ready for its release. Mochi-making lives on in...

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