Food for the soul and peace for the mind

Japanese American war experiences fill out one Amerasian school's curriculum in Okinawa. Digging for internment history. Seattle's food options just got a little tastier thanks to a little place called Seafood City. Strolling through Little Tokyo in...

A UH professor is remembered, fortune cookies and the Wii

Tad Nakamura's new film, "A Song For Ourselves," which is about the late University of Hawaii professor Chris Iijima, has people talking in San Francisco - with a little help from Patsy Mink too. One...
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Community Focus – Participants Sought for 2018 Okinawan Youth Festival in Peru

Organizers of the Sixth Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival (“Wakamono Taikai”) are seeking participants for next year’s festival, set for Feb. 6-10, in Lima, Peru. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Hawai‘i yonsei Collin Hoo participated in the second and fourth festivals, which were held in the U.S. and the Philippines, respectively.....

Lyrics Born, Ichiro and Anna Miller’s inspires a new cafe

Tokyo-born, half Japanese American rapper Lyrics Born, who's real name is Tom Shimura, has a new album out called Everywhere At Once. The San Francisco-based rapper mixes jazz, funk r&b, rock and a large...
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Ryan’s Table – A Toast to Negroni Week

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto For the past five years, Imbibe magazine and Campari have teamed up during the first week of June to celebrate Negroni Week, a time when restaurants and bars worldwide raise money for various charities by toasting the aperitif that was created in the early 1900s. The first Negroni Week, in....

Mixology 101 . . . Kampai!

Photo of Lion Dance at the Okinawan Festival

2017 Okinawan Festival – Even More Culture in this Year’s Cultural Tent!

The Okinawan Festival’s Cultural Tent is a great place to spend several hours of your time at the festival expanding your knowledge of Okinawan culture. The Cultural Tent, which is organized annually by the Hui O Laulima women’s group, will feature an even wider selection of displays and activities this year — and more tent....

Microscopic ramen!

Here in Hawaii, food is a pretty big deal and ramen is one of the many popular dishes. In Japan, ramen is also a pretty big deal - except in this particular case. Scientists from...
Columnist Ryan Tatsumoto for "Ryan's Table"

Itadakimasu – Just In The Neighborhood

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto

Mr. Big, Afro Samurai and sheep

A list of nearly 6,000 Japanese military personnel who passed away in U.S. custody during WWII has been discovered. What's an Afro Samurai? The answer: an animated adventure that represents both U.S. and Japanese pop...

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