Photo of Lion Dance at the Okinawan Festival

2017 Okinawan Festival – Even More Culture in this Year’s Cultural Tent!

The Okinawan Festival’s Cultural Tent is a great place to spend several hours of your time at the festival expanding your knowledge of Okinawan culture. The Cultural Tent, which is organized annually by the Hui O Laulima women’s group, will feature an even wider selection of displays and activities this year — and more tent....

The six thousand dollar watermelon, Eastwood and Takei

It's Aloha Friday and what better way to prepare for the weekend than by reading about Star Trek alumni, Clint Eastwood and high-end watermelons? Star Trek alum George Takei speaks to NASA's Goddard Space Flight...
Sisters Keiko (right) and Yasuko get ready to devour their soba. (Photos by Colin Sewake)

My Hawaii – Connecting Through Food

TAKAYESU SOBA LOCATION: Urasoe, January 2017 Keiko’s older sister Yasuko is married to a rice farmer and they live in Hokkaidö, the northernmost prefecture of Japan. She flies home to Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, every January to visit the family. During Yasuko’s visit earlier this year, we picked her up from Naha Airport....

Pound That Sauce

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto
Columnist Ryan Tatsumoto for "Ryan's Table"

Itadakimasu – Tasting Neyers Vineyards

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto

Be “Rice”, My Friend, In 2016

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto

Kurt Suzuki and Writing About Japan

Oakland A's catcher and Maui native Kurt Suzuki never forgets where he is from. Turn the volume on your computers up: Writing About Japan. A documentary about groundbreaking Japanese American actor Jack Soo premieres in Sacramento. Former...

Wednesday bullets

Despite high levels of smoking, Japanese hearts are staying healthy thanks to fish. Former internees in San Jose preserve their history through oral histories. "Big Dreams, Little Tokyo," a movie about a Japanese American sumo wrestler,...

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Groundbreaking pitcher Hideo Nomo retired today. The 39-year-old Nomo burst onto the scene with the Dodgers in 1995 and captured the National League Rookie of the Year award. Along the way he opened up...
Chef Kelly Degala. (Photos by Ryan Tatsumoto)

Ryan’s Table – An Ambitious New Direction for Kosasas’ ABC Stores

RYAN'S TABLE BY Ryan Tatsumoto Dukes Lane Market & Eatery Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach Hotel 2255 Kühiö Ave. (808) 923-5678 What started in the 1940s as a neighborhood pharmacy and then reinvented itself in 1964 to become the ultimate convenience store with 30 locations in Waikïkï alone(!) — is growing once again. If you thought....

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