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The American World Order

Geir Lundestad, a Norwegian scholar, once categorized the American world order after 1945 as an “empire by invitation.” Its proponents have argued that by fostering multilateral institutions and allowing access to power for other...

Japan’s Defense

Joseph S. Nye Jr | In recent weeks, the Diet has been debating whether to support legislation that will allow Japan to exercise the right of collective self-defense.
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House Of Cards

By Joseph S. Nye Jr.
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India, Japan, And China

ECON 2015 By Joseph S. Nye Jr.

How You Can Help Stop Medicare Fraud

MEDICARE 411 By David Sayen


In its earliest days, the internet was like a small village of known users whose designers did not pay much attention to security because there was a climate of trust. All that changed with...


On Memorial Day, we paid tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. So, it’s a fitting time to share some news about Social Security disability benefits for...
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ECON 2015 – America’s Response To ISIS

Joseph S. Nye Jr. Courtesy: Shizuoka Shimbun The Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL) has picked up the mantle of Al Qaeda in Iraq and now controls Eastern Syria and Western Iraq. The extremist...
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What To Do About Russia

ECON 2015 By Joseph S. Nye Jr

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