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CULTURE 4KIDS! By Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurasaki Kubota To learn how you can create this issue’s craft or featured activity, please click below to subscribe to our online subscription or complete and submit a form here to subscribe to our print edition.
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Real Possibilities – An Age-Friendly Honolulu!

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Estate Planning Insights – The Role of the Successor Trustee, Now What Am I...

ESTATE PLANNING INSIGHTS By Ethan R. Okura The following is an all too familiar scenario at our law firm: A parent, a sibling or a dear friend has finally gotten around to doing their initial estate planning. You are so happy for them. And then you find out that you have been named their “successor....
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

Historical Fiction – “Picture Bride, A Family Saga”

HISTORICAL FICTION By Michael G. Malaghan Chapter 138 A late-March rain-drenching front finally moved on. The return of the sun enticed Kenta’s class of one to move to the backyard picnic table. “Don’t think of algebra as some kind of spooky math,” said Kenta, trying to ignore the swell of his pupil’s breasts. “When you....
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Generation Gap

GENERATION GAP by Jon J. Murakami
Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8•0•8 By Dennis Fujitake
Comic Shushin, October 19, 2018 Issue


Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii Kodomo no kokoro wa shokutaku de tsukurareru A child’s heart is developed at the meal table.
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Jodo Mission of Hawaii: Jodo Mission Bazaar

WHO/WHAT: Jodo Mission of Hawaii will hold a bazaar fundraiser. Among the items for sale will be kitchen things, clothing, handmade quilts, handbags and blankets. There will also be homemade food items like bara-sushi,...
Flyer for Tsukimi No Kai - Thursday, October 25, 2018

United Japanese Society of Hawaii “Tsukimi No Kai – Moon Viewing Party”

WHO/WHAT: Moon-viewing parties are a tradition in Japan with friends gathering to admire the beauty of the full moon. The custom, which was introduced to Japan from China during the Nara and Heian periods...
Native Hawaiian Storyteller, Lopaka Kapanui

Plantation Obake Tales with Lopaka Kapanui

WHO/WHAT: Native Hawaiian master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui will share 13 obake stories — and a special surprise. WHEN/WHERE: Friday, Oct. 26, from 6-8 p.m. in the JCCH Manoa Grand Ballroom (Diamond Head Room). ADMISSION: $15 for...

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