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October 6, 2023 Columnists

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Rainbow Connections – LOOKING OUTWARD

Trisha Nakamura Hawai‘i Herald Columnist In this Pride issue, I want to take our attention outward to Japan, which continues to face similar struggles as we do in Hawai‘i and the United States – the right...
Historical Fiction by Michael G. Malaghan

Historical Fiction – “A Question of Loyalty”

Mike Malaghan Special to The Hawai‘i Herald Editor’s note: “A Question of Loyalty” is the second historical novel in Mike Malaghan’s trilogy on the Japanese American experience in Hawai‘i. Prior to “A Question of Loyalty,” the...
Cross section of a beef piroscki (Russian beef hand pie). (Photos by Ryan Tatsumoto)


Ryan Tatsumoto Hawai‘i Herald Columnist Earlier this year, a friend asked me if I could recreate the filling for Rada’s Piroscki as his sister would occasionally purchase a batch since she worked downtown. However, those visits...
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Mind-Body Wellness – THE SIMPLE ANDAGI

Dr. Chad Sato Hawai‘i Herald Columnist After the shocking events from the catastrophic Lāhainā blaze, I figured that it would be good to switch gears and look at something more lighthearted and fun. Hence the topic...
Rev. Paul Osumi

Today’s Thought

by Rev. Paul S. Osumi Reprinted with permission ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE While we live our short life on this earth, we come in contact with all kinds of people – people of various colors, shapes, sizes...


GENERATION GAP by Jon J. Murakami
Drawing featuring Dennis Fujitake as a comic


8·0·8 By Dennis Fujitake

Dad’s Three Cats

Dad's Three Cats by Gwen Muranaka  


Takai yama wa yukkuri nobore. Climb a high mountain slowly. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii
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Bulletin Board – “AN AMERICAN DREAM”

WHO/WHAT: The Hawaii Opera Theatre presents “An American Dream,” a provocative drama set during World War II, exploring the lives of two women: a Japanese American forced to leave her home and a German...

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