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Bulletin Board – FAMILY MEMORIES

WHO/WHAT: Presented by the Museum of Work and Culture, a virtual discussion entitled “Family Memories: A Conversation About Camp and its Aftermath” will be held with Dr. David Sakura and Margie Yamamoto — whose...


Shiawasesö na kao wo shite ireba Shiawase ni narimasu. If you look happy, you will be happy. – Bishop Ryokan Ara Tendai Mission of Hawaii
Rev. Paul Osumi

Today’s Thought

by Rev. Paul S. Osumi Reprinted with permission LIVE A WIDER LIFE If you would, escape worry, keep your world large. Allow your sympathies to broaden. Be interested in causes that promote human welfare. Keep busy by...

Dad’s Three Cats

Dad's Three Cats by Gwen Muranaka

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