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“A NEW MOON OVER TOHOKU (TOHOKU NO SHINGETSU)” | U.S. Premiere | Canada | English, Japanese w/English subtitles | 98 min. Written and directed by Linda Ohama. A moving story of love, survival and old Japanese...
Leinani Group from Okinawa will be part of the formal opening ceremonies on Saturday.

2018 Okinawan Festival – Music, Dance, Taiko, Karate, Hula and Lots, Lots More!

SATURDAY, SEPT. 1, 2018  (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 9:30 a.m. RYUKYU SOKYOKU KOYO KAI HAWAII SHIBU Derek Fujio, President, and Sara Nakatsu, Vice President Jane Kaneshiro Sozan Kai Bonnie Miyashiro Soho Kai Yamashiro Yoneko Sokyoku Kenkyu Kai Yasuko Arakawa Aki no Kai Sunny Tominaga Sokyoku Sanyuukai Kazuko Ito Sokyoku Kyoshitsu

America loves Japanese glass art

Japanese art has spanned many genres - woodblock prints, calligraphy, ceramics - but, as The Wall Street Journal's Lee Lawrence writes in this article, Japanese artists are embracing a new medium: glass art. According to...

A World War II-themed post

Looking back at how classic comic books portrayed interment. In 2010, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will display arts and crafts made by Japanese Americans during World War II. The Turlock assembly center gets memorialized. A look...

Stubborn Twig and Billy Bat

A photograph exhibit featuring the works of Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange at the University of Utah centers on Japanese American internment. Japanese American triplets are part of a renewed focus on the fertility industry. An...
Setsuko Morinoue’s ceramics are of a practical nature, designed for every day use. (Photos courtesy Fishcake)

Art Review “Big Fish, Little Fish”

A Cozy Little Art Show by Hiroki and Setsuko Morinoue Wayne Muromoto Commentary Special to The Hawai‘i Herald There’s a fine little shop/art gallery in an awful location for parking on Kamani Street, just off of Ward Avenue. It’s called Fishcake, and it’s where you will find Hawai‘i Island artists Hiroki and Setsuko Morinoue’s art....

The sights and sports of springtime

The exhibition Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids, featuring over 70 photographs by UCSB professor Kip Fulbeck, is on display at the Japanese American National Museum through Sept. 26. Fulbeck's book by the same name,...
2018 Nengajo by Anne Ruedo, Waipahu High School — second place, artistic, high school.

Nengajo – 2018,Year of the Dog

The artwork on the following pages are the winning entries in the annual nengajö, or New Year’s card, design contest for students taking Japanese language. The statewide contest is sponsored by the Hawaii Association of Teachers of Japanese and is open to the elementary, middle and high school students of teachers who are members of....

Japanese vampires and some neat photos

We at The Hawaii Herald hope you all enjoyed Kamehameha Day - that is, if you were lucky enough to get the day off. If you did, welcome back to work. If you didn't,...
Drawing by Katelyn Higashiya for Year of the Boar Nengajo

Nengajo – Welcome the “Year of the Boar” (part III)

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