Jodie Chiemi Ching

I have the privilege of announcing three things: 1. This is The Hawai‘i Herald’s 11th annual Big Island issue; 2. Editor Kristen Nemoto Jay is back; 3. I didn’t “burn the house down.” Thanks to Kristen’s pre-planning our September and October issues made it to homes and store newsstands. I want to send out a big heartfelt MAHALO to Staff Writer Summer Nakaishi; Intern Kanani Annandale; Izumi Okino and Grant Murata, our advertising dynamic duo; Asami Arai, our layout and design expert and everyone at the Hawaii Hochi prepress and printing operations. It takes all of these people and our contributing writers, photographers, comic strip artists to get the Herald out to you every two weeks. I’d be remiss if I did not mention the individuals, businesses and organizations who support the Herald with advertisements and subscriptions – a lifeline to our publication. The joy of seeing the printers run and holding a fresh new issue in my hands never gets old. And when it is a special edition, it’s a sukoshi-bit more stressful, but for a much larger reward.

The 11th annual Big Island issue is like its name – Big. Lucky me, I get to end my short editing term on a high note with this momona-sized issue. Not only that, Hawai‘i Island is where my Issei great-grandparents emigrated to from Chatan, Okinawa, Japan. My late grandpa Charles Jitchaku occasionally mentioned his childhood there; not very much though, he was a strict generous chönan (eldest son) of few words who loved to cook Okinawan, Japanese and Hawaiian food. “Go eat!” and “No shame, eat some moah!” he would say. Food was definitely his love language. As I write this, I am realizing that Hawai‘i Island just might be my favorite island.

The life-giving momona island has 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones (including fire, sand and snow, oh my!), a thriving multi-ethnic community that still holds many traditional practices – Hawaiian, Japanese and more. In this issue’s cover story “Perpetuating Chadö in the Queen’s Garden” by contributing writer Dan Nakasone, highlights the special connection between Hawai‘i and Japan. A more modern day perspective is featured in the story “Unexpected Connections: Japan to Hawai‘i,” by Dr. Lorraine Mito, about her new found relative from Japan, Shinobu Iwasaki Kadome.

Our other stories include big-hearted Big Island boy and Nisei Veteran Yukio “Yuki” Naguwa by Byrnes Yamashita; and a Big Island girl’s healing journey written by Alan Suemori about Kim Krell and how she is paying it forward.

Thank you to all the contributors who made this special edition possible:

  • Alan Suemori
  • Alumside Products, Inc.
  • Amano Fishcake Inc.
  • Big Island Delights
  • Byrnes Yamashita
  • Dan Naksone
  • Dodo Mortuary
  • Don’s Grill
  • Green Point Nurseries
  • Hawaii Printing Corporation
  • Hilo Termite & Pest Control, Ltd.
  • Honda Food Processing
  • Japanese Community Association of Hawaii
  • Kadote Liquor
  • Kawamoto Store
  • Kimura Lauhala Shop
  • KTA Superstores
  • Dr. Lorraine Iwasaki Mito
  • Manago Hotel
  • S. Tokunaga Store
  • Suisan Fish Market
  • Two Ladies Kitchen



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