After the Okinawan Festival concludes, the Okinawan celebrations continue with the 4th Annual Okinawan FEASTival. Support Okinawan-owned food-related businesses from Monday, Sept. 4 to Monday, Sept. 18, with Okinawan food specials at participating Okinawan and Okinawan-at-heart businesses. The FEASTival is a celebration of Okinawan cuisine and its rich restaurant history.

The Okinawan FEASTival website ( includes places that have FEASTival specials as well as a breakdown of Okinawan dishes on regular menus and a complete list of all Okinawan-owned restaurants on O‘ahu. See below for the Okinawan FEASTival’s specials. We go eat!

Specials are subject to change. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

ALOHA ANDAGI: Junko Bise and her crew will be popping up in the covered parking lot of Marukai Dillingham serving regular andagi and Okinawan sweet potato andagi. Okinawan zenzai (served hot) also available. Okinawan zenzai features barley and kidney beans, which differentiates it from Japanese zenzai. Saturday, Sept. 16 through Monday, Sept. 18, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or sold out). Follow them on IG (@alohaandagi_llc).

ALOHA TABLE (Okinawan at Heart): General manager Mariko Higa is offering HIGA Loco Moco Taco Rice ($19.50); Taste of Alo-Hai-Sai Sampler ($17); Orion draft (small) $7; Shikuwasa beer ($9); Hai-Tai cocktail ($12). Specials run from Friday, Sept. 1 to Monday, Sept. 18. Follow them on IG (@alohatable_waikiki) and

ALOHA TOFU FACTORY: Jimami Dofu (Okinawan peanut tofu) will be on sale, 3.5 oz. for $4.50, limit 5 per customer. Discounts on Yushi Dofu (Firm tofu before being pressed. Texture is more custard-like). Price: ½ scoop (½ gallon) for $7 (regular price $8) and ¼ scoop (¼ gallon) for $4 (regular price $4.75). Ohana Soy Sauce is $7.50 (regular price $8.75). No limit for Yushidofu and Ohana Soy Sauce.

You can pre-order now by calling 808-845-2669. Specify pickup date and time. Pick up at Aloha Tofu Factory during regular hours. Monday, Sept. 4 to Tuesday, Sept. 19. Follow them on IG (@alohatofufactory) and

BEER LAB HAWAII: Beer Lab is going to be making goya (bittermelon) beer! This is a special limited release. Pre-sale is on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 1:30 p.m. at Will be released Friday, Sept. 1 for pick up and will be on tap at all Beer Lab locations until it runs out. Okinawan soba at the Pearlridge location only. Okinawan soba noodles with shoyu pork spareribs and topped with hard boil egg, Okuhara Foods fish cake, pickled ginger, sliced green onions. Follow them on IG (@beerlabhi) and

CHIBI CONFECTIONERY: Chibi is featuring Okinawan Sweet Potato Crunch (a layer of Okinawan sweet potato on a buttery mac nut crust) and Shikuwasa Glazed Shortbread (featuring local shikuwasa from Lokoea Farms). Miso Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies – White miso mixed into the batter turns this treat into a pillowy soft, sweet, umami bomb. Available Monday, Sept. 4 through Wednesday, Sept. 20. Order at or through Instagram (@chibiconfectionery) and Facebook (/ChibiConfectionery). Call or text order at 808-383-0063. All major credit/debit cards, apple pay or cash accepted. Pickup Locations – Ala Moana 2nd floor by Target – Sunday, Sept. 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pickup in Salt Lake all day on weekdays, after 6 p.m. on weekends. Additional pop-ups and meet-ups may be available if there is a demand.

CHILLEST SHAVE ICE: Shave ice guru Aaron Wong is working on Shikuwawa syrup and a Goya Syrup, as well as a Kokuto topping! Dates and locations of pop-ups will be posted. Follow Instagram @chillestshaveice for announcements of date/time pop-ups. Chillest Shave Ice will be at Fishcake in Kaka‘ako every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

COCO BLOOM KITCHEN (Okinawan at Heart): Chef Jun Sakamoto will be making a vegan Okinawa taco rice. Available Monday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 18. Pre-order by calling 808-784-0206. Follow them on IG (@cocobloomkitchen) and

FEAST (Okinawan at Heart): Chef Jon Matsubara will be cooking up Goya Champuru Omurice with Mushroom Gravy (wok-charred Spam, bittermelon, buttery soft scrambled egg). Available Tuesday through Saturday, limited supplies. Order online at Follow them on IG (@feast808) and

HANK’S HAUTE DOGS: Hank’s is bringing back their wildly popular Spam Andagi Pop! Seared Spam (on a stick) is dipped in Andagi batter and fried. Comes with a honey mustard mayo sauce. Available Monday, Sept. 4 though Sunday, Sept. 10. Limit two a person. Walk-in orders only. Follow them on IG (@hankshautedogs) and

HIBACHI HONOLULU: Hibachi Grilled Burger & Fries Combo for $11.50. Choice of Basic Burger, Teri Burger, Jalapeno Burger and Blue Cheese Burger. Must mention “FEASTival” when ordering. Call 808-762-0845. Available Monday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 18. Follow them on IG (@hibachihonolulu) and

IGE’S HALAWA: Pre-order Aunty Kay’s Okinawan Sweet Potato Manju from Friday, Sept. 1 through Sunday, Sept. 10 (or until sell out) for one of three pick-up dates: Wednesday, Sept. 6, Saturday, Sept. 9 or Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Big Okinawan FEASTival sale on Saturday, Sept. 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pre-order Okinawan Mixed Plate and andagi by the dozen at from Sunday, Sept. 10 through Friday, Sept. 15 (or until sell out). A plethora of baked goods, including manju, and other items will be on sale first come, first served. Follow them on IG (@igeshalawa). Any questions, send a DM on Instagram or email

ILI‘ILI CASH & CARRY (Okinawan at Heart): Ili‘ili will be offering an Okinawan Taco Rice Suppli (an Italian snack), a merging of Roman and Okinawan cuisine. Details on how to order will be posted online. Call 808-367-0606 to pre-order. Follow them on IG (@iliili_cash_carry).

ISLAND SAUSAGE (Okinawan at Heart): Currently working on an Okinawan-inspired sausage. Follow them on IG (@island.sausage) and

KAPA HALE (Okinawan at Heart): Chef Keaka Lee will be serving gluten-free AndaGHEE: Okinawan doughnut fried in ghee (clarified butter). Details on this FEASTival exclusive is pending. Follow them on IG (@4614kapahale) and

KIN WAH CHOP SUEY: Mention  “FEASTival,” and for orders $50 and over, Kin Wah will add in a free pork and bittermelon dish. Call 808-247-4812 to make a reservation or place a take out order. Available Monday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 18. Visit

KONA ABALONE (Okinawan at Heart): Kona-grown Umibudo (Okinawa Sea Grapes) grown by Big Island Abalone available for pick up at Kapahulu storefront. Pre-order required, call 808-941-4120. It will take 3-4 days to arrive from Kona. Pick up also available at Kona store and KCC Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Orders can be made online at Shipping from Kona to California is also available. Follow them on IG (@konaabalone) and

MANGO STREET GRILL: Okinawan dinner night on Sunday, Sept. 17 to include several Okinawan food items. Follow them on IG (@mangostreetgrill) and

MASA & JOYCE: Masa & Joyce are working on some special FEASTival items, in addition to their regular menu Okinawan items. Specials will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Visit them at

OBAKE & SKULL AND CROWN (Okinawan at Heart): Specials being worked on for both of these sister locations. Follow them on IG (@skullandcrowntradingco) and

OLENA CAFE: Jackie is working on new Okinawan-inspired pressed juice that will be good for you to drink after eating too much andagi at the Festival! Follow them on IG (@olenacafe) and

ROY’S HAWAII KAI: Chef Roy Yamaguchi will offer miso soy braised pork shank, Okinawan sweet potato, roasted garlic Aloha Tofu aioli, champuru relish for $56. The special will run from Monday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 18 at Roy’s Hawaii Kai. Follow them on IG (@ royshawaii) and

SHIMA-YA: Chef Ryne Shimabukuro will be serving up Rafute Udon with Pickled Goya. Two-hour braised pork belly in an Okinawan sweet sauce. Udon is handmade and cooked to order. Only on Saturday, Sept. 16 at Fishcake in Kakaako, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or sold out). Must pre-order by Thursday, Sept. 14 through Instagram (@shimas_oodles.of.noodles) direct messaging  Cash preferred but Venmo also accepted. Shima-ya will pop-up with Chillest Shave Ice every Saturday.

SUNRISE RESTAURANT: Take out orders of Pig Feet Soup, Nakami Soup, Spare Rib Soup, Special Miso Soup, and Okinawa Soba. There will be 20 each a day. Must pre-order by calling 808-737-4118. Pick up Monday, Sept. 4 through Friday, Sept. 8 and Monday, Sept. 11 through Friday, Sept. 15. Follow them on IG (@sunriserestauranthawaii) and

TANGO CONTEMPORARY CAFE: Chef Lawrence Nakamoto is connecting to his Okinawan roots with two specials: Rafute Benedict (Slow Braised Pork Belly, Toasted House-Made Focaccia, Poached Eggs, Crispy Okinawan Sweet Potatoes, Beni Shoga & Hollandaise Sauce) and Awamori Sea Breeze (Awamori, Shikuwasa, Agave, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Club Soda). The Awamori Sea Breeze can be made without alcohol. Benedict available only during breakfast/brunch hours. Call 808-593-7288 for reservations or take out. Follow them on IG (@tangocafehonolulu) and

TERUYA’S ANDAGI: Special Okinawan Bento (Spam Roll, Okinawan Yakisoba, Shoyu Pork, Bittermelon, Sweet Potato Mochi) $10/each (limited quantities each day). Also available: Andagi, Sweet Potato Mochi, and regular bento. Tuesday, Sept. 5 to Saturday, September 9 and Tuesday, Sept. 12 to Saturday, Sept. 16, from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. You can place an order when they open by calling 808-389-1714. Follow them on IG (@teruyas_andagi) and

Teruyas Andagi Okinawan Bento. (Photo courtesy of Teruya’s Andagi)
Teruyas Andagi Okinawan Bento. (Photo courtesy of Teruya’s Andagi)

VOYAGE BY CHEF AMIN (Okinawan at Heart): Chef Amin will be bringing back his popular Persian Baklava Andagi and Kaffir Lime Andagi! He will also offer his Miso Pork Belly Plate. Dates and locations for his food truck will be posted at Follow them on IG (@voyagechefamin).

ZIGU (Okinawan at Heart): Currently working out FEASTival specials. Specials will run the month of September. Follow them on IG (@zigu.hi) and


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