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¥“Gwanggaeto.” (Photo courtesy of AsianWiki)

“Game of Witches,” Monday through Friday at 9:20 p.m.; repeats Monday through Friday at 12:20 p.m.

Yu Gyeong is now a successful woman who is an executive director of Cheonha Group, where she started as a secretary. She recently found out her daughter is alive, so she plans to get her back and take her revenge. 

Starring Jang Seo-Hee, Kim Kyu-Seon, Oh Chang-Suk and Han Ji-Wan.

“The Hospital Ship,” Monday and Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.; repeats Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:15 p.m. 

Song Eun-Jae is a capable surgeon at a large hospital in Seoul. She works very hard at her job and will become the youngest female chief surgeon there. Song Eun-Jae is burdened with responsibility over her mother and younger sibling. 

Starring Ha Ji-Won, Kang Min-Hyuk and Lee Seo-Won.

“Brilliant Heritage,” Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.; repeats Tuesday and Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Boo Young Bae owns a Pyongyang cold noodle restaurant and a health scare causes his children to quarrel over his vast wealth. Feeling betrayed, he marries Gye Ok, a 33-year-old single maid enticed by Young Bae’s fortune, under false pretenses. The move shocks his sons, but Gye Ok’s work ethic makes Young Bae realize that she’ll be able to keep his cold noodle restaurant afloat. Unlike his siblings, Boo Seol Ak, isn’t interested in his wealth or family drama, but his disdain for Gye Ok’s presence in his aging father’s life motivates him to get involved, bringing the two adversaries closer together in unexpected ways.

Starring Park In-Hwan, Kang Se-Jung and Shin Jung-Yin.

“Secret House,” Wednesday and Thursday at 7:50 p.m.; repeats Thursday and Friday at 2:20 p.m.

The revenge story tells the tale of a dirt spoon lawyer chasing traces of his missing mother who walks into the secret surrounding him in order to fight the world. 

Starring Seo Ha-Jun, Lee Young-Eun and Kim Jung-Heon. 

“Revolutionary Sisters,” Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m.; repeats Thursday and Friday at 1 p.m.

The series opens with the murder of a mother that is committed during parent’s divorce proceedings and all members of the Lee family and the extended family are suspected of murder.

Starring Joo-Sang Yoon and Eun-Hee Hong. 

“Pure Pumpkin Flower,” Monday through Friday at 4:20 p.m.; repeats Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

When Soon-Jung decides to do something she will persist until it is accomplished. She was raised by her single father Hyun-Mook, who has known that Soon-Jung is not his biological daughter and was deceived by his ex-wife Joon-Sun. Nevertheless, Hyun-Mook raised Soon-Jung with all of his love.

Starring Lee Chung-Ah, Jang Hyeong-Seong, Bae Chong-Ok and Jin Tae-Hyun.

“Gwanggaeto,” Friday and Saturday at 7:50 p.m.; repeats Saturday and Sunday at 12 p.m.

The glorious life of King Gwanggaeto will be unfolded before your eyes. He’s regarded as a king who restored the glory of Goguryeo by wresting power back from Baekje and led the resurgence of Goguryeo to become a major power in East Asia.

Starring Dam Duk, Ko Woon, Mo Yong-Bo and Do Young. 

“Legend of the Blue Sea,” Saturday at 4:50 p.m.; repeats at 6:30 p.m. 

In August 1598, newly appointed governor Dam Ryung stays at an inn run by Mr. Yang, who shows him a captured mermaid named Sim Chung. Later, Dam Ryung releases her into the ocean and, before she swims away, Sim Chung reaches out her hand to Dam Ryung, which he briefly holds. In the present day, Joon-Jae is a smooth-talking con man with magician-like abilities and impersonates a prosecutor and swindles a large amount of money from a wealthy suspect’s mother. Meanwhile, Sim Chung is swept up in a tidal wave and washed ashore near the oceanside resort. 

Starring Lee Min-Ho, Sung Dong-Il, Gianna Jun and Shin Won-Ho.

“Gracious Revenge,” Saturday and Sunday at 9:20 p.m.; repeats Saturday and Sunday at 1:10 p.m. Carrie Jung lost her husband and child. She now lives only to take revenge on those responsible for their deaths. Carrie Jung raises Han Yoo-Jin as a tool in her revenge plan. Han Yoo-Jin is a smart and beautiful woman but she falls in love with a man who she should not love.

Starring Choi Myoung-Gil and Cha Ye-Ryun.

Blessing of the Sea,” Sunday at 6:25 p.m.; repeats Monday at 1 p.m.

Sim Chung-Yi has an absolute sense of sight that allows her to identify thousands of colors. Sim Chung-Yi meets Ma Poong-Do who is a pianist. He is highly skilled on the piano, but he receives criticism that he has a lack of sensibility. Sim Chung-Yi and Ma Poong-Do develop romantically. Sim Chung-Yi also tries to find a secret of her father.

Starring Lee So-Yeon and Jae Hee.  

“Sing for Gold,” Sunday at 10:40 p.m.

World-renowned producer Park Jin Young, JYP, and the best experts in each field will help you discover a “Performance Choir” full of excitement and personality. “Sing for Gold” is  South Korea’s first performance choir survival show.

“Unasked Family,” Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.; repeats Tuesday and Wednesday at 1 p.m.

When Yeo-Won Kang was a university student, she dreamed of becoming a reporter. An expected pregnancy caused her to change that dream. Her life takes an expected turn, after living as a housewife and taking care of her family, in-laws and managing the family’s finances, when her husband gets into an accident and everything changes.

Starring Yoon-So Choi, Jung-Hwan Sul, Ji-Ho Shim and Yoo-Min Jung.

“You Are My Destiny,“ Wednesday at 6:50 p.m.

Chipper and optimistic orphan Sae Byeok Jang changes her life upon getting a corneal transplant from Na Yeong. To thank her late donor’s family, Sae Byeok Jang visits them, but finds that Na Yeong’s parents did not know their daughter died. She soon grows close to the dead girl’s parents.

Starring Yoon Ah Im, Hyun Joo Gong, Jae Jung Park, Jang Yong and Ae Ri Jeong.

“Into the Ring,” Friday at 10 p.m.

Seo Gong Myung is an efficient and hard-nosed elite civil servant, who can multitask with ease and is titled the “Number One Handsome Man” on the District People’s Committee. However, Seo Gong Myung is guided by his moral convictions, opting to do everything by the book. His lack of flexibility and his penchant for criticizing all those who enter his domain, not only serve to earn him the nickname “Great Lucifer,” but more enemies than friends.

Starring Goo Se Ra, Kim Min Jae, Seo Gong Myung, Jo Maeng Deok and Yoo Da In. 


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