Suzuki Harunobu artwork. (Photo courtesy of the Honolulu Museum of Art website)

WHO/WHAT: The works of Suzuki Harunobu (1725-1770) will be on display at the Honolulu Museum of Art in Gallery 21, beginning Thursday, Feb. 2. Harunobu is known as the first Japanese artist to use woodblock prints in the ukiyo-e style (pictures of the floating world). Harunobu used the process of nishiki-e (brocade prints), where he printed full-color images, often using up to ten different colors, by carefully aligning multiple blocks of cherry wood. Prior to his innovations, previous ukiyo-e prints employed two- or three-color prints. His artwork featured a wide variety of subjects, including classical poems, samurai and bijin-ga (pictures of beautiful women). In his lifetime, Harunobu created over 20 illustrated books and over a thousand color prints.

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, Feb. 2 through Sunday, April 30. Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania St.

TICKETS: Museum admission: $10 Hawai‘i resident general admission; $20 non-resident general admission; free for youth 18 and under.


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