Dr. Patrick Patterson (Photo courtesy of the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center website).

WHO/WHAT: The Nisei Veterans Memorial Center invites the public to their in-person and virtual East Meets West event where Dr. Patrick Patterson, professor of History at Honolulu Community College and adjunct professor of Asian Studies at UH Mānoa, will speak. The event will be about “Border Song: How Popular Songs Shaped Cross-Cultural Identity in the 20th Century,” and will discuss the lives and music of Yamaguchi Yoshiko, Hibari Misora and Hattori Ryōichi.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, July 30, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Nisei Veterans Memorial Center, 665 Kahului Beach Rd. or on Zoom.

TICKETS: To register for this event call (808) 244-6862.


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