WHO/WHAT: The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Japan Business Relations Committee will offer a free Zoom webinar that features cross-cultural consultant Rochelle Kopp who will share what Japanese customers are looking for when purchasing from American companies. Learn about Japanese preferences for communication style, the formatting of information, authenticity and attention to detail, and how you can use those to strengthen your business’ appeal to Japanese. There will be a discussion and Q&A time as this will be an engaging and interactive session. Kopp is currently a management consultant who specializes in cross-cultural communication, human resources, leadership and organization development. As a veteran facilitator experienced in delivering training and consulting to participants from around the world, Rochelle frequently leads cross-cultural team buildings and other programs for executives.

WHEN/WHERE: Wednesday, April 6, 5:30-7 p.m. Register for the free Zoom webinar at hjcc.memberclicks.net/japanese_customers#/.


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