Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye’s “Tule Lake Stockade Diary.”

WHO/WHAT: Discover firsthand what it was like for Kibei Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye when he was incarcerated at the Tule Lake Concentration Camp during the freezing winter months of 1943. Translated for the first time in English, Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye’s diary, entitled “Tule Lake Stockade Diary,” will be moderated by Karen Umemoto and discussed by Japanese American National Museum guests Nancy Kyoko Oda, Hiroshi Shimizu, Masumi Izumi, Duncan Williams, and David Yoo. This groundbreaking book gives insight into Inouye’s time within the camp, how he drew his physical and mental strength from his judo training, and shares the love letters sent home to his wife Yuriko and their two daughters Sayuri and Masako.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, Dec. 11, 12-1:30 p.m. (HST). RSVP to attend this discussion by going to janm.org/events. “View all” upcoming events and click on the “Conversation on Tule Lake Stockade Diary by Tatsuo Ryusei Inouye” link to learn more.


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