George Ellis. (Photo courtesy of the Downtown Art Center)

In conjunction with the Downtown Art Center’s first anniversary celebration, DAC’s first Okagesama de Award was given to George Ellis. 

  Ellis is a former Honolulu Museum of Art director. According to a DAC Instagram post, “As an artist, scholar and administrator, he understood that a successful museum should be the cultural heartbeat of any community. He also believed that art has the capacity to enrich people’s lives in some way, regardless of age, ethnicity or educational background. As a director, he made an effort to reach out and lend support to countless organizations and individuals in the community, and in doing so, made Hawai‘i a better place to live.”

The Okagesama de Award was created because part of DAC’s mission is to “honor and recognize those who have come before, and who have made a significant difference in the development of the local arts community and shaped it into what it is today,” said Sandra Pohl, DAC’s executive director. 

DAC is located in the Chinatown Gateway Plaza building at 1041 Nu‘uanu Ave. on the second floor. It is an evolving gallery and workshop space for O‘ahu’s arts scene. 

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