A Time to Reflect, Seek Truth, Streamline and Reset

Dr. Chad Sato
Hawai‘i Herald Columnist

The fall equinox on Sept. 22 is one of the two days out of the year when the days and nights are equal in length. This last occurred on the spring equinox on March 20. The significance of the fall equinox depends on the intentions you set around this time and how you navigate the winter and its transition into spring. The shift from summer into fall is to welcome the coming of winter, which usually ushers in the beginning of flu season, or the current COVID-19 variant season.

We had hoped that the summer of 2021 would usher in a respite from the clutches of COVID-19. Opening society, going back to a different type of normal with the relaxation of face masks should have made for a peaceful and celebratory type of summer!  

What has occurred in the past month and a half has been the exact opposite. The rise and threat of the COVID-19 Delta variant, with the skyrocketing report of cases and the fear of overwhelming the medical system, is perpetuating the continuous fear of COVID-19.  

Intense division is also occurring between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. With the approach of the autumn equinox, there needs to be a balance like the day and night. We are all in this together and the power of an integrated community is being able to put aside prejudices and differences and work toward a common goal. However, to achieve this, we all need to check in with our intuition and determine whether or not what we are being told makes sense. This is where connecting with your body to inform you of what is your truth versus what your mind maybe telling you due to information that can be stated on one occasion and then modified on another.

To prepare for fall, listen to your instincts. As the days grow shorter, take the time to go inward and connect to your inner voice. Slow down; reflect on what has happened this past year. Ask yourself, Have I been making decisions based upon fear? Or from a space of inner knowing? The seasons are on the verge of changing and now is the time to start preparing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

Address your physical wellness by strengthening your immune system. Adopt some form of regular exercise regimen or any practice that encourages body movement and blood circulation. In layman’s terms, get off the couch and stop marathon watching shows on Netflix, hulu, or the like.  

Boost your vitamin D intake by getting some sun before the days get shorter and shorter. Supplement with vitamin C, zinc and other immune enhancing foods. Take probiotics or eat foods that cultivate a happy, healthy gut such as natto, kim chee or tsukemono.  

Pay attention to your physical environment by getting rid of old belongings, donate clothes and possessions that have outlived their purpose. Streamlining and reorganizing to prepare for the winter will help you prepare for virus season.

Next, address your mental and emotional wellness. Start questioning and check to see if things really appear as they do. Do your own research from credible experts instead of relying on those who tend to quote from various different sources. 

The one thing that you have control over is what you entertain in your mind. Limit your exposure to mainstream news if you find yourself getting more anxious or fearful. Choose the people with whom you associate with; you don’t have to stick around the “Eeyores” or the pitiful Pearls who are always afraid of what may happen in the future.  

Taking the time to listen to inspirational speakers or reading books that lift your spirit can serve as a lifeline when you are feeling afraid. The rising case numbers is just one cause for anxiety for some.  

Shore up your spiritual connection and get in tune with your higher self or deep inner knowing. The one thing that is vital and most essential during uncertain times is connecting to your soul and fortifying your spiritual constitution.  

Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or follow another religious or spiritual belief, your faith and trust in a higher power will be your saving grace when the world goes crazy and puts you in a state of fear and uncertainty. 

Fall is a time to harvest crops and reflect on the fruits of your labor. Make a concerted effort to slow down or block out periods of time so that you can quiet your mind to create more space and prioritize what’s important to you. Take yourself back to where you were a year ago today and look how far you have come since then. You’ve most likely been dealing with life stressors, fears, and changes caused by COVID-19. So, take this time to see how you’ve dealt with the changes and set new goals to carry you through the winter months.

In closing, let the symbolism of the autumn equinox help you to create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. By equilibrating your thoughts, creating a plan, and then taking action to deal with the upcoming COVID-19 season will make all the difference. Embrace the inevitable changes coming your way and choose to think critically to shift from fear to optimism in the upcoming season. The power is yours to choose, it has and always will be.  

Dr. Chad Sato graduated from UCLA in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in biology and earned the Doctor of Chiropractic degree with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in 1998. Sato founded his practice, Aloha Chiropractic (alohachiro.biz), in Mānoa valley, O‘ahu, on Oct. 1, 1999. He is a sought-after educator, speaker, author and mind-body specialist who helps people reach new levels of empowerment when it comes to their health and wellness by staying present with their body signs, making appropriate life choices and utilizing stress instead of managing it.


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