Jane Burigsay
Courtesy: Social Security Administration

Knowledge is power and having the right tools to fight fraud can make a huge difference. Knowledge can also help those you love and want to protect. We put together a list of the five most important resources about Social Security scams you should know about:

  • Read and share our fact sheet “Beware of Social Security Phone Scams” to learn how to spot fake calls and emails at ssa.gov/fraud/assets/materials/EN-05-10535.pdf.
  • Visit our Office of the Inspector General’s Scam Awareness page at oig.ssa.gov/scam for information on phone scams — and how to report them.
  • Read our blog post at blog.ssa.gov/protecting-your-social-security-number-from-identity-theft to learn how to protect your Social Security number from identity theft.
  • Create your own personal my Social Security account at ssa.gov/myaccount to help you keep track of your records and identify any suspicious activity.
  • Visit our Fraud Prevention and Reporting page at ssa.gov/fraud to understand how we combat fraud.

Please share these resources about scams with your friends and family — and help us spread the word on social media.

Jane Burigsay is the Social Security Administration’s public affairs specialist in Hawai‘i.


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